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    The Ventura County Sheriff is entrusted with the safety and care of inmates.

    When a suspect is arrested, he/she is brought to the Ventura Police Department or Ventura County Jail for booking. This consists of fingerprinting, photographing, and classifying the inmate based on his/her crime and, if applicable, behavior while previously in custody.  This is the “processing in” of a detainee.

    When a person is arrested in Ventura County, they will usually be booked at one of the satellite jails or police departments. After a defendant is processed in, they will likely be taken to either the Main Ventura County Jail or the Santa Maria Jail if they are not bailed out quickly.

    The Santa Maria Jail Facility (currently closed) is a remote booking facility, which houses inmates for up to 96 hours. Inmates here are held temporarily until released, likely on a bail bond, or transferred to the Main Jail in Ventura. The Ventura County Main Jail is a secure correctional facility holding pre-trial detainees as well as male and female sentenced inmates. Sentenced inmates are not eligible for bail bonds.

    It can often take 6-12 hours to process an inmate and get them into the computer system in Ventura County. After bail bonds are posted, it usually takes another 4-10 hours before detainees are released. As you can see, it is important to get the process going as quickly as possible.  Please call us for all your Ventura County bail bond needs at 888-224-5266.

    Ventura County Jail Information


    Sheriff Information Line  (805) 654-2380
    Accounts Payable  (805) 662-6739
    Air Unit  (805) 388-4212
    Civil Subpoenas (805) 654-2391
    Fingerprinting (805) 654-2371
    Human Resources  (805) 654-2375
    Inmate Chaplain  (805) 654-5087
    Inmate Information Line  (805) 654-3335
    Licensing (805) 654-2371
    Office of Emergency Services  (805) 654-2551
    Public Information Officer  (805) 654-2382
    Records (805) 654-2336
    Recruitment Line (805) 654-2000


    Ventura County Sheriff - Main Jail
    800 South Victoria Avenue
    Ventura, CA

    The Ventura County Main Jail receives new bookings directly from Sheriff's Patrol and other south coast police agencies such as the Ventura Police Department, the University Of California Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol.

     East - Ventura County Jail
    2101 East Olsen Road
    Thousand Oaks, CA (805) 654-3335

    The East County Jail operates under the direction of the Main Ventura County Jail. This facility serves as a satellite booking jail for agencies at the eastern side of Ventura County. The facility is staffed with eleven Ventura County Sheriffs Department Deputies and service technicians who process new arrestees and supervise up to twenty inmate workers. The ability to book fresh arrests at this jail facility allows sheriffs deputies and other Ventura Police Departments to save valuable patrol time because they do not have to transport their prisoners to Ventura County Jail.

    Ventura County Sheriffs - Todd Road Jail Facility
    600 South Todd Road
    Santa Paula, CA (805) 654-3335

    The Todd Road Jail will house only sentenced inmates. These inmates are not eligible for bail bonds.


    Ventura County Jail - Honor Farm
    370 West Baldwin Road
    Ojai, CA (805) 654-3335

    The Ventura Sheriffs Department Branch Jail Honor Farm, located in the Ojai Valley, is about ten miles north of the City of Ventura and two miles south of the City of Ojai. There are two jail facilities on this site that house female inmates.

    Ventura Police Dept. Headquarters
    1425 Dowell Drive / Phone:1-805-339-4400
    Westside Storefront 110 N. Olive, #K / Phone:1-805-648-8133
    Downtown Storefront 71 S. Oak Street / Phone:1-805-648-8140
    Pacific View Mall Storefront 3301 E. Main, #1000 / Phone:1-805-339-2901
    Montalvo Storefront 6368 Bristol / Phone:1-805-339-2910

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