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    Bail Bond Video Gallery All the bail bond information you need in video format.

    California Inmate Search Search for inmates and defendants by county in California.

    Listen to Bail Bond Information Sherry Borzo of host of Entrepreneur People. Real Stories. allows you to hear comprehensive bail bond information.

    Bail Bond Forms Online forms are provided for your information and reference.

    California Bail Schedules How bail is set and bail bond amounts by county.

    Do I Need An Attorney? The answer may be "No." Find out more in this article by Douglas H. Ridley, Attorney at Law.


    5 Questions to Ask a Bail Bond Company Questions to ask to get a great bail bonds company. Answers your bail bondsman should know.

    How Bail Bonds Work Learn why post bail, how bail is set, costs and options for paying for a bond and your responsibilities.

    Choosing Not To Post Bail: What happens if the defendant does not bail out? Get the options and opinions of an expert bail bondsman.

    What Happens If I Bail Someone Out and They Skip Court? This is a great question. As bondsmen, it is our responsibility to make sure each "indemnitor" (the person who is signing our bail contract) understands the implications of signing. Missing court is simple to deal with; however, skipping town is a different situation.

    Relationships: Bondsman and Attorney Why should an attorney develop a business relationship with a bail bondsman?

    Is Bail Bonds Recession-Proof? In a down-turned economy, people expect crime to go up. What is really happening in the bail bond industry?

    1275 Hearing: The Truth Will Set You Free California Penal Code Section 1275.1 requires that bail money be obtained from legal sources. How do you prove that and release a 1275 hold?

    Bounty Hunter: Professional Problem Solver You've seen it on TV, but how do bounty hunters really work? Get the inside information from the Street Hunter: Zeke Unger.

    Why So Many Questions - Bail agents will ask many questions when assessing a bond. Find out why.

    Getting Out of Jail: Why So Many Questions? The questions bail agents ask and why.

    What to Expect When Arrested A resource guide for women arrested in Southern California.

    Is The California Bail System Working? Does the bail industry work and why?

    How To Become A Bail Bondsman - It's not all Dog The Bounty Hunter! Get the facts about what it takes to become a licensed bail bondsman.

    The Bail Bond Process - Infographic - An easy-to-understand diagram of steps in the bail bonding process, from arrest to booking to bonding out of jail.

    Bail Bond News - Bail Bonds in the news.


    Inside the Los Angeles Hall of Justice: What do Charles Manson, Sirhan Sirhan, Maryln Monroe, Robert Kennedy, "Dragnet" and "Get Smart" have in common? We offer a resource for you to find out.

    Inside the Expanded Indio Jail in Riverside:  As an effort to keep inmates from re-offending the expansion of the Riverside County Jail in Indio will implement rehabilitation and educational programs for inmates.

    Inside the Old Salinas Jail:  Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and with over 30 years of abandonment and disrepair,  County officials are trying to find an alternative use for the jail.

    Inside Los Angeles County Jails Renovations: Costly renovations in the works for Los Angeles County jails.

    Inside Los Angeles County Jail - Over Capacity: Los Angeles County jails are already overcrowded and over capacity. Jail realignment will require early release of inmates.

    Inside the New San Mateo County Jail: County Supervisors have approved a new county jail in Redwood City. Learn when, what & how.

    Inside Orange County Jails: How will Orange County jails accommodate the required realignment in inmates?

    Inside California Jails: Shaking Up California County Jails - A major shift has changed the way California’s correctional system handles inmates. Many felons will be housed at county jails instead of state prisons. How will this impact County jails?

    Inside Orange County Musick Jail - Music at Musick: Bob "Bobby Cash" Millspaugh rocks the Irvine Jail.

    Inside the Monterey County Jail - The Monterey County Jail is not only old, falling apart and over crowded, it is a bit mysterious. Find out the history, the problems and the prospects for a new jail.

    Inside the New LAPD Metro Center Jail - The New Los Angeles Police Department downtown jail sits empty, waiting not only for inmates, but for jailers. Find out what's inside - inmate intake to security to staffing, learn about the LAPD's new jail.

    Inside Santa Barbara County Jails - From inmate intake to security to rehabilitation and recidivism, learn about Santa Barbara's jails.

    Inside the Maguire Correctional Facility Ever wonder about the inner workings of a jail? We reveal the entire process in this in-depth look at the San Mateo County Jail.

    City Fiscal Crisis Holds Up Much Needed Los Angeles Metro Jail LAPD awaits a much needed new jail in downtown. How long will the economic crunch make them wait?


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