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A female bar patron found herself in hot water with Santa Monica Police officials earlier this month after she fast-pitched a pint of beer at a local bartender.

According to police reports, officers were called out to investigate the Dec. 13 incident after receiving a call about an assault.  Bar staff said the assailant ordered her adult beverage but refused to pay.

The suspect allegedly told the the worker that she didn't have to pay for her beer because he was African American and she was Caucasian. So he asked her again.

Instead of reaching for her wallet she began to rattle off a number of historical reasons that she felt, backed up her claim for free booze.

At some point the bartender became frustrated and tried to take the beverage away from her and that, he said, is when she became angry, picked up the pint glass and threw it at him.  He was able to block the flying pint with his arm, but sustained some minor cuts as a result.

The woman made a run for it but officers caught up with her a short distance later.  The 31 year-old suspect was later booked into the Santa Monica Jail where she was charged with two offenses:  obstruction of a police officer and assault with a deadly weapon.

Her bail bonds were set at $30,000.  It's not immediately clear if she contacted a Santa Monica bondsman to help get her released from custody.

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