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    The Office of the Sheriff for Ventura County, which provides law enforcement services to the City of Moorpark on a contract basis, can trace its beginning back to 1873, with the election of Sheriff Frank Peterson. An office that was started as a legal means of collecting taxes and catching horse thieves has evolved as the county has continued to grow. Seventeen other Sheriffs have since held this position and Moorpark is now a thriving city of 37,340 people in Southern California.

    The Moorpark Sheriffs Department does not have an on-site jail.  If someone you know has been arrested in Ventura County, they will be taken to the East Valley Jail if they are men, and the Ventura County jail if they are male or female.  There, a bail bond may be posted for them 24/7.

    The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has divided the city into two primary beats that are patrolled by deputies. Yet another patrol deputy is deployed during peak hours (11:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M.). His presence is needed for rapid response in case of an emergency, because he is also familiar with the area and its people.

    In addition to routine patrol operations, the Sheriff’s Department studies specific locations and time frames to help them understand and predict crime trends. They also try to reduce these problems by assigning both patrol officers and detectives to target the trouble spots. They often dispatch two more officers, two days a week, as a special enforcement team to assist.

    The VCSD also has four deputies who serve as gang officers (the department has a “zero tolerance” philosophy when it comes to gang crime) and three others who make up a bicycle patrol detail. This gives them all the manpower they need to effectively handle most of the crime that occurs in Moorpark.


    There are three ways to get bailed out of jail: by a surety bond, a cash bond or a property bond. A surety bail bond is one of the most used and fastest methods (a couple of hours) and includes the use of a bail bondsman. You only pay a percentage of that bond amount, called a premium, which is a cost-of-service fee.

    A cash bail bond requires that the entire amount of the bail must be paid in cash.  In most cases, the bond amount is too large a sum for people to come up with all the cash  they need to post bail on their own. Or, even those who have the money available may not be able to access it at night or on weekends.

    Finally, with a property bail bond, you can secure a defendant’s release by having the court record a lien on property you own as collateral. The property bond takes the longest because you need to present the same types of documents to the court as you would for a real estate transaction.

    At 888 Bail Bond, we post bail in the Moorpark area 24/7 and we accept all types credit cards for our service.  Please feel free to call us at 888-BAIL BOND for more information.

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