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At this point, you've probably heard at least one story about a criminal making a dumb mistake that lands them in jail.

In some cases, they're being captured after posting pictures of their hijinks on social media websites.  Last year, two car burglars were captured in Northern California because one of them accidentally butt-dialed the police while the crime was in process.

The arrest of Kyle Laderoot adds to the long list of stories about criminals who aren't very good at being bad.

Why? Because if you're going to steal a $600 tuxedo from a store window, it's probably best to not wear the stolen goods to attend an obvious function.

Suffice to say, he was caught red-handed (or cuff-linked) at his senior prom, and the police cuffed him and carted him off to jail.

It all started a few weeks ago when a shop owner said someone broke into her store and stole the tuxedo out of its window display.

A young man had recently asked about renting it for his prom, she said, which gave her the idea to stake out the dance in hopes of recovering the stolen goods.

She and local authorities reportedly attended the dance, and they spotted Laderoot as he was walking into the building.  Not only was he wearing the tux in question, he was the same person who asked about renting it.

He was arrested on the spot and has been charged with criminal damage and burglary.  Jail records show he was released on bail bonds by the end of the weekend.

Laderoot, though, says it's all just one big mix up.  He said he didn't steal the tux-  instead, he came across it at a local yard sale and paid $100 to buy it.

Police say he hasn't been able to tell them when or where the yard sale took place, and hasn't provided information about the person he allegedly bought it from.