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Sources close to the San Joaquin County Jail Honor Farm have confirmed yet another inmate has tried to escape from its walls.

The now fugitive is 19 year-old Pedro Arquiaga, who was last seen just before noon on Saturday.  When officers did the 12 o'clock count, he was gone.  Jail officials say the defendant was booked into the facility on Nov. 1 and was reportedly charged with vehicle theft, hit and run, burglary, obstructing a police officer and receiving stolen property.

It's not immediately clear if he was still eligible to post bail bonds at the time of his escape or if he had been sentenced for his crimes. Anyone who thinks they may have information that could lead to the capture and arrest of the jail escapee is asked to call local law enforcement and place an anonymous tip.

Other 2014 escapees

In late April, San Joaquin Sheriff's Department officials confirmed that two inmates escaped from the Honor Farm in as many days.

It started with the escape of Melvin Rasberry, they said, who was seen during a morning count but was nowhere to be found when jailers made their nighttime rounds.  Rasberry is still on the lam and remains at large; his case was still pending at the time of his escape.

The second escapee, Matthew Cook, disappeared about 24 hours later.  Court records show that Cook had already been sentenced for his crimes; he has since been recaptured.