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Criminals do the darndest things...

2014 has been an interesting year for weird and bizarre crime.  Below, we've listed our "best of the best" from the past 12 months, which span the good to the bad to the ugly (and even the strange).

14.  The double wet willie that landed an airman in jail.  In October of this year, a 24 year-old member of the armed services was enjoying some time off from service.  He was with friends, they were out drinking, and at some point, he decided it would be a great idea to give a 'double wet-willie' to an on-duty cop.  Suffice to say the officer was not amused at the prank, and carted the young airman off to jail.

13.  Man steals firetruck in hopes of impressing a girl.   A Southwestern Pennsylvania man found himself in pretty hot water last summer after he stole a fire truck to take his lady friend out for a joyride.  This, according to police, is a big fat no-no, especially since the community could have been at great risk had a fire broken out while the guy was out gallivanting.

12.  Eager to finish road trip, man fails to stop after his passenger dies. A 62 year-old Detroit man was in a rush to get home, after spending several months in Arizona for the winter.  His elderly mom and his girlfriend embarked on the drive with him, but at some point the girlfriend kicked the bucket.  The driver pulled out his cell phone and found information saying he had up to 48 hours to report a dead body, so instead of stopping and calling the coroner, he decided to forge ahead.

11.  If you're happy and you know it clap your, oh.  A California woman filed a lawsuit against the Riverside Police Department earlier this year after she was arrested for clapping at a City Council meeting.  The city has a rule against loud displays, as it might dissuade others from chiming in.  According to reports, officers approached the woman after she broke out in applause, and that's when she questioned her authority, saying they'd need to arrest her in order to get her to leave the room.  They eventually complied.  Although the charges against her were eventually dropped, she's suing the RPD for violating her right to free speech.

10.  Fugitive stops by jail to visit friend, gets arrested. Sources close to the Cook County Jail have confirmed that a man who was involved with shooting a FOX television pilot was arrested, after a standard entry background check uncovered he had a years-old warrant.  Another man with the show was also taken into custody, after deputies found he had pot on him.

9.  You called 9-1-1 for what?  Several people were taken into custody earlier this year after making non-emergent calls to 9-1-1.  In one case, a restaurant patron called emergency personnel because Taco Bell wouldn't serve him.   In another instance, a woman who became smitten with a police department officer called 9-1-1 in hopes of having them pass off her number.  Both were arrested.

8.  Weird laws that can damper your love life.  In Florida, it's against the law for an unmarried couple to live in the same house and commit "lewd acts."  In Arkansas, it's illegal for men and women to flirt with one another on the street.

7.  Arrested for fight over PB sandwich.   An Iowa man found himself in pretty hot water earlier this year after he and his brother decided to throw down over peanut butter sandwiches.  Police say it all started when one man made six of the sweet yet salty snacks, and the other became angered over the alleged peanut butter theft.  One thing led to another, a switch blade was pulled, and eventually, the alleged assailant was arrested and charged with assault and domestic abuse.

6. Man with 'murder' tattoo on his neck gets arrested for murder.  Sources close to the Kansas jails say an inmate who was on trial for murder filed a petition with the court to have his neck tattoo removed.  The defendant had been charged with the 2011 slaying of another man and he and his attorney were worried the 'murder' tat would "influence the jury."  The prosecution said they didn't have any issues with the sought-out removal but they had no intention of letting the defendant off jail grounds to have the procedure done.

5.  Man steals forklift, tries to steal ATM.  In early September, Florida officials were on the lookout for a man who stole a forklift in hopes of using it to steal an ATM machine.  The heavy piece of construction equipment was taken from a local job site, they said, and the suspect then drove it about a half mile in hopes of running off with the automatic teller machine.  The second heist failed, and authorities were asking for help in identifying a suspect.

4. Legislator proposes votes to kill ride-share programs, gets arrested for DUI just hours later.   A California State Senator who voted against continuing ride-share programs was arrested on DUI charges within hours.  Sources at the Sacramento County Jail said officers found the man driving the wrong-way down a one-way street.   The arrest caused a flurry of comments on social media website, and one point, the ironic nature of the arrest started to trend on Twitter.

3.  The tale of the pot-smuggling Barbies. Representatives for the San Bernardino Police Department said an anonymous tip about a parked tractor trailer led them to more than 10,000 of pot.  The marijuana was found inside the trailer and was stashed behind a wall of Barbie Doll boxes.  No arrests were made at the time of the bust, although authorities said they were actively looking for the driver.

2.  Stealing a truck to drive yourself home from jail is a bad idea.  In July of this year, Tracy Police say they arrested a man who had just been released from county lock up after he stole a truck so he could drive himself home from jail.  A CHP airplane was able to spot the pilfered vehicle a short time after it was taken, and although the thief tried his best to make a run for it, he was back behind bars in a blink of an eye.

1.   Man tries to rob gun shop with fake gun.  A man who tried to rob a store called  'Hiram's Guns and Spirits' while brandishing a fake gun was arrested and booked into the San Diego County Jail.  Police say that three masked men made their way to the store, smashed a display case, stole some firearms and tried to make a run for it.   A number of witnesses were on hand when the crime took place, and their description of the suspects and the getaway vehicle allowed officers to make a swift arrest.