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    If you found this webpage, you are likely looking for information about bail bonds in Camarillo. You have found the right bondsman. The Rynerson family has has been in the bail business for forty years.

    We have a great deal of experience with the Ventura County police, sheriffs and jails which provide services for Camarillo and we know how to get defendants released quickly.

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    When someone you care about has been arrested, please consider calling 888 Bail Bond for help. First, we will find out where the arrestee is being held, likely the Ventura County Jail, and determine the amount of the bail.

    We can then process your application and charge your credit card by computer as well – saving you a lot of time. We post bail fast, but how long it takes to release a defendant from jail often depends on how efficient the corrections officers are, so calling us as soon as possible will definitely speed up this part of the process.

    We are open 24 hours to help you. You make speak to a bondsman at 888-224-5266 or (888) BAIL BOND.

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    Camarillo is a bedroom community in Ventura County, California, that is 19 square miles in size, and which has a population of around 57,100 residents.

    The crime rate of Camarillo falls way below the national average. Much of the thanks is due to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, which has been contracted to provide law enforcement services here. They have been doing so ever since the city’s incorporation in 1964.

    During those early years, patrol officers worked out of the Sheriff’s main station in Ventura. The first Camarillo police station was opened in 1966 in an elementary school, and with a nine-man police force. Then the department expanded and moved to Camarillo’s City Hall in 1977. A few more officers were added and they continued to patrol the streets 24 hours a day in only two patrol cars.

    In 1995, the Camarillo Police Department, run by the Ventura Sheriff's Department, expanded again and moved to its current headquarters. Today, they have 49 law enforcement deputies on their staff. Besides patrol officers, the Camarillo police have a youth officer, three school resource officers, a crime prevention officer, seven traffic officers, six detectives and five special enforcement deputies (SED). The Camarillo Station has twenty-one county deputies who patrol the unincorporated areas in and around Camarillo -- from Somis to Malibu.

    The station also has a detective unit, which consists of a sergeant, four senior deputies, two regular deputies, and one civilian. They investigate any burglaries, grand theft, identity theft, battery and assault, robbery, and forgery that takes place locally. The detectives work closely with the department’s Crime Prevention Unit, the special enforcement detail, and the crime analyst.

    The Crime Prevention Unit consists of a sergeant, two senior deputies, and three regular deputies. They enhance patrol operations and conduct special, focused police work that involves drug or gang related crimes. This detail is also responsible for investigating graffiti within the city. One of their crime prevention officers is specifically responsible for developing and coordinating community programs that rely on citizen volunteers to help them reduce crime in the community.

    Camarillo’s ten man traffic detail consists of one sergeant, one senior deputy, three traffic officers, two motorcycle officers, and four part time parking cadets.

    The Ventura County, California Sheriff's Department Academy is also located in this city, along with the VCSD Air Unit, SWAT Unit, Bomb Squad, and Reserve Officer Academy.


    Did you know that the amount of bail you'll have to pay is set by the Court?  Ventura County  has a standard "bail bond schedule" for most crimes, but certain offences require that the arrestee must go before a judge prior to his/her release from jail.  The amount of bail a judge sets for an arrestee is based on several different considerations.

    The seriousness of the crime is one factor, but so is the defendant’s perceived risk to the community. The judge may also review their past criminal record, if they have one, and consider whether or not they have hired an attorney to represent them, or have friends and/or family who care enough about them to speak on their behalf.

    At 888 Bail Bond, a licensed bail bondsman will answer all of your specific questions and give you more bail bond amount and court information 24 hours a day.  You can also read more about how bail bonds work along with the arrest and bail bond process throughout California.

    888 Bail Bond is open 24/7 to help you.

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