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    A licensed bondsman can provide you full information and options about your specific situation. Let us show you how our service is superior.

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    24 Hours - 365 Days - Free Consultation

    Free 24 Hour Consultation

    Call us 24/7. We never close.

    When you call, you are connected with a licensed 24-hour bail bond agent to answer all your questions. If our company can’t quickly service your area, we can refer you.

    Our nationwide toll-free number is 888 224 5266.

    Creative Solutions

    Creative Solutions

    Creative solutions is the one thing that truly sets 888 Bail Bonds apart.

    We don't have cookie-cutter requirements. We deal with each client on an individual basis.

    We realize that some situations are unique. The risk in your bond may be more than other bonds. Maybe your financial situation is different than most.

    We'll give you options. Give us an opportunity to resolve your special needs.

    Fast Service

    Fast Service

    For most customers, promptness is the number one consideration when choosing a bail bond company. Who wants to be in jail any longer than necessary?

    Our vast network of agents allows us to handle every jail in California. Working with technology to execute your bond allows us to offer the fastest service.

    If we are unable to quickly service your area, we will gladly refer you.

    Bail By Email / Bail By Fax

    Bail by Fax / Email

    Using our bail by fax / e-mail program, we can transmit all bail documents in minutes. We provide samples of these bail bond forms online for your convenience.

    When all bail application paperwork is completed (approximately 15 minutes), your bail bond will be immediately “posted” at the appropriate jail, beginning the release process.

    When you call us, we will always give you a realistic time frame to complete your bail bond. Each situation is unique.

    If our company can’t quickly and efficiently service your neighborhood, we can refer you. On occasion, some bail bonds require that we have an bail agent meet you in person. For most metropolitan jail’s, our agents can usually get to you in 30-60 minutes.

    Credit Cards Accepted

    Credit Cards Accepted

    Paying for the bail bond is made easy with Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover. You may also pay by cash.

    We also offer financing for those who qualify.

    Flexible Financing

    Flexible Financing

    Typically, bail bonds require payment in advance of the detainee's release from jail.

    We understand that may represent a financial burden.

    If you need financing, we have creative financing options. If you qualify, we can work out payments for your bond with no financing charges.

    Within minutes, we can advise you if you qualify for financing.

    Confidential Help


    We understand that working with a bail bond company is potentially an embarrassing situation. Our company is highly discreet and will protect your privacy.

    Mobile Bail

    We'll Travel To You

    At no charge to you, we can arrange to have a 24-hour licensed agent come to your location.

    Our strategically placed network of agents allows us to service most areas of California.

    In most cases, we can have a licensed agent to you in 30-60 minutes.

    Service By Phone

    Fast Phone Approval

    We can approve most bail bonds by phone in just a few minutes. Call us now to speak directly with an agent: 888 224 5266.

    No Collateral Bail

    No Collateral Bail

    Most customers are eligible for signature bail bonds that require no collateral. Typically our customers are low “flight risks”.

    To qualify you  for No Collateral Bail, we look at many factors such as the length of time living in California, employment situation, credit rating, character, type of crime and similar factors.

    These factors are considered for both the defendant and the indemnitor.

    Federal Bail Bonds

    Federal Bail Bonds

    Our company also conducts Federal Bail Bonds for those inmates who are housed in federal custody.

    Federal bail bonds are specialty type bonds that are not handled by most bail companies.

    No Gimmicks

    No Hidden Fees or Gimmicks

    No body likes surprises, at least the kind that cost you time and money.

    All fees are discussed in advance.

    You don’t have to worry about gimmicks or unexpected fees.

    You may call us anytime at 888 BAIL BOND.

    Last updated: 08/29/2014