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    Ojai is a city in Ventura County, California that is located in the Ojai Valley.

    It’s a small city, about 10 miles long and 3 miles wide in size and only about 13,000 residents live there. It is a very beautiful place that is surrounded by rolling hills and mountains.

    Nobody anticipates visiting Ojai and getting into trouble, but sometimes these things do happen.

    And when they do, the bondsmen of 888 Bail Bond are here for you!   We have posted thousands of bonds throughout the Ventura County area and we know its jail system well.

    If you have questions or need help, please call 888 Bail Bond at 888-224-5266 (888) BAIL BOND 24/7 and speak to a live, licensed bondsman now.


    The Ventura County Sheriff Station is contracted to provide full Ojai Police Department law enforcement services to this community, and they employ a unique variety of policing strategies to do so. Some of these include mounted deputies and deputies on bicycles. They also capitalize on a high degree of volunteerism from locals, who now do many jobs that the deputies no longer have time to perform.

    The Ojai Sheriff's Department doesn't have an on-site jail.  Anyone arrested in this city will be transported to the East Valley Jail if they are men, and the Ventura County Jail if they are men or women.  The good news is, we can post a bond for you at these jails 24 hours a day!

    At 888 Bail Bond, we always like to make sure the bail bond process is a smooth and easy one for our clients.  To do this, we can handle the entire the bail bond contract through email, fax or phone.

    We can also have a highly qualified, licensed bondsman on their way to the jail to post the bond while you fill out the paperwork.  If you don't have access to email or a fax machine, we can also meet with you at your home, office or the jail.  Please call us to discuss your options.

    The cost of a Ventura County bail bond is the same throughout California:  That is, 10% of the entire bond amount.  So if the defendant's bail has been set at $10,000, for example, you would pay a premium (percentage) of $1,000 for our services.  We post bail in Ventura County and throughout California 24/7.

    If you would like to find out more, you are  welcome to give us a call at 888 Bail Bond, (888) BAIL BOND, anytime.


    At  Bail Bonds, we also like to rescue of people who are in trouble. We help anyone who is in trouble with the law but we never judge them. Our team of licensed bail bondsmen have been trained to handle all types of arrest situations.

    When you contact us for information, or to help you locate a friend or loved one who has been arrested in Ojail or Ventura County, we promise that you will never be surprised by any hidden fees. Our family run business has accumulated 40 years of experience in the bail industry and we have offices all across the state of California.

    We absolutely make sure the person you care about won’t spend any more time in custody than necessary and this is the main reason for our many clients and referrals. So don’t go through this difficult time alone. We’ll be happy to answer all your questions, 24/7.

    To speak with a caring and experienced bondsman, call  Bail Bonds at 888-224-5266.

    402 South Ventura Street
    Ojai, California 93023
    (805) 646-1414