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    Port Hueneme is a popular Pacific Ocean beachfront city in Ventura County, California. Its name comes from a Chumash Indian word that means "resting-place". The city is the second-oldest in the county and around 21,850 residents call it home. Port Hueneme is best known for its surfing, Mediterranean climate and sunny beaches that stretch east about a mile from the PH harbor to the naval base, and then right up to a large wooden fishing pier.

    The Port of Hueneme is the only deep water port between the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of San Francisco. It is also the only harbor between San Diego and Puget Sound that falls under the jurisdiction of the US Navy. Tons of imported produce and merchandise destined for sale across the West Coast begins the journey here.

    The Port Hueneme Police Department has a mission statement that promises they will serve their community with fairness, equality, justice and honor. They also begin this philosophy in the workplace by treating each member of their force as a valued part of their organization.

    Their department has a strong relationship with residential and business communities, the school district, non-profit agencies and surrounding jurisdictions. Four Senior Officers oversee four beats (specified geographic areas within the city’s boundaries). They coordinate neighborhood watch meetings and keep residents updated of the activities and crimes that occur within each of these particular beats. They also disperse information via their Communications Center, which is open to the public 24 hours a day.

    The center is run by four full time and two part-time Dispatchers.

    Another division within the PHPD is their Investigative Services Unit. One sergeant, one senior officer and three detectives investigate felony and misdemeanor offenses, with an emphasis placed on developing prosecutable cases, identifying suspects and arresting those who commit these crimes.

    Two other detectives are assigned to the Special Problems Unit, which investigates gang, narcotic, vice, auto theft, alcohol beverage control and domestic violence crimes. There is also an Investigative Services Division which has a Court Liaison, and which deals with the Crime Analysis/Crime Prevention Unit.

    The Crime Analysis/Crime Prevention Unit identifies and analyzes crimes committed by individuals to develop criminal patterns and profiles. They do this by using the data they collect from field interviews and arrests.

    A Police Support Services Officer files cases with the District Attorney’s Office and deals with the Court. He serves subpoenas and maintains both the case status and supplemental investigation logs.

    The PHPD, like many other police stations, has it’s own Patrol Division, too. These officers are on call 24/7 to offer the public both emergency and routine assistance. Other divisions include a K9 unit and a bicycle patrol and motorcycle patrol team that specializes in traffic safety.

    Since this station does not have an on-site jail, people who are arrested in the Port Hueneme area – both male and female – are usually taken to the Ventura County jail.

    Bail may be posted there 24/7 or at the main office of the Port Hueneme Police – but only if you can reach the station before the arrestees are moved.

    If you need help bailing someone out of the Port Hueneme area or anywhere else in California, call 888 Bail Bond, toll free at 888-224-5266, (888) BAIL BONDS.

    Port Hueneme Police Department
    250 North Ventura Road
    Port Hueneme, CA 93041
    (805) 986-6530

    This station is open 24 hours, and 7 days a week.

    Port Hueneme Police Storefront Substation
    (805) 985-8943

    Walk in facility; hours vary.