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    The City of Santa Paula, California is located 65 miles northwest of Los Angeles and 14 miles east of Ventura, along the Pacific Ocean. Santa Paula is right in the center of Ventura County, nestled in the lovely Santa Clara River Valley. The city is surrounded by orange, lemon and avocado groves and has been dubbed by many as the "Citrus Capital of the World." Santa Paula is around 7 square miles in size and has a population of 28,600 people.

    In the early 1900's it was also considered to be the center of the silent era Hollywood film industry. The community has a quaint, small town feel and boasts many tourist, recreational and cultural activities. At the Santa Paula Airport you can find many experimental and antique airplanes that are still often used in movie and TV productions. Other visitors like to ride the famous Fillmore and Western Railroad, a historic train that runs between Fillmore and Santa Paula.

    Another long time fixture of Santa Paula is their  Police Department, which has been serving this town in the same building since the early 1960s. The station has 34 officers and another 30 in its reserves.

    This station has many divisions. A very prominent one is its patrol team, which is acutally four teams. These teams are on call 24/7 and three officers per team work every shift. The reserve program, which functions in tandem with the Police department, supports these officers by providing extra services under normal and emergency situations. They are personally appointed by the Police Chief and are supervised by him, as well. The reservists have the same responsibilities as the regular Santa Paula Officers.

    A related division, the Community Service Officers, patrol streets and parking lots on foot and in police cruisers. They use state of the art computers called Auto Cites to record license plates, get information and issue tickets.

    Santa Paula also has a large K-9 Unit that is over 20 years old. All of the K9s live at home with their human police trainers and families. The team trains on a weekly basis and they’ve won many awards for their work. The dogs are so good at their job many criminals have publically stated they won’t commit crimes in Santa Paula for this reason! Several K9s have been imported from Europe where they were bred for narcotics detection.

    Another team is called Crime Suppression and it keeps tabs on criminal gang activity. The officers are trained for surveillance, investigation… whatever it takes to stop gangs in their tracks. The Santa Paula police have a grant-funded Gang Violence Prevention program in which many agencies have combined their resources to find alternatives for youth who want to join gangs, and former gang members who want to better themselves. They also assist those on probation who wish to avoid slipping back into a life of gang-related crime.

    The Santa Paula Police Department has their own SRT – Special Response Team. This team is made up of members who joined it on top of their regular patrol and detective positions. They are specially trained in the kind of teamwork, weapons and tactical skills that are needed for high risk details. Being a member of this team requires a real commitment both physically and mentally. The men and women who serve on it provide security for VIPS, handle hostage situations, stop armed and dangerous criminals, and so much more.

    The Santa Paula force would not be complete without a Detective Unit that investigates major crimes or felonies committed in their city. This unit also has a crime analysis, prevention and a crime scene investigation team at their disposal. The investigators take statements from victims and witnesses, collect evidence, acquire biological samples like DNA and blood, etc. One detective also specializes in Narcotics.

    The Santa Paula Police Department does have on-site jail cells, so arrestees can be booked and processed here. The length of time it takes to process a suspect into the system depends on what he or she has done.

    Bail may be posted at this station, but only during business hours. If an arrestee is not bailed out from the SPPD they are transported to the Ventura County Jail. Anyone, male or female, can then be bailed out of Ventura, but how fast depends on how early the process is started and how busy the jail is.

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    Santa Paula Police Department
    214 South 10th Street
    Santa Paula CA 93060
    (805) 525-4474

    Open to the public 10:00AM-6:00PM Mon.-Fri. Closed alternate Fridays and weekends. You can still call a police dispatcher for help 24/7, on a police phone located outside the building.