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    Important information about the Ventura County Sheriff and the communities they serve can be found on this page. Every department listed below also features a link to additional information.

    If you need bail posted fast at any of the Ventura County Jails, please consider calling 888 Bail Bond for help. Our licensed bondsmen are on call 24 hours a day to speak with you about your situation. They also have access to additional arrest and bail information for both the Ventura Police Stations or jails.

    Certain Bail Bond offices are local to this area and we also service the entire state of California.

    To speak to a bondsman for Ventura County, call us at (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266. Or, locally, at 805-582-0955.


    Camarillo Sheriff Station

    (805) 388-5100

    Camarillo Police Services are provided on a contract basis by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department. Thanks to them, the crime rate is way below average in this bedroom community.

    Fillmore Sheriff Station

    (805) 524-2233

    The Fillmore Police Department has been contracting its law enforcement services from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department since 1987. This station is also responsible for the Santa Clara Valley, including the community of Piru.

    Moorpark Sheriff Station

    (805) 532-2700

    Moorpark Police Services are performed by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department on a contract basis. This department has divided the city into two beats to serve it effectively.

    Ojai Sheriff Station

    (805) 646-1414

    Ojai is a small city located in the Ojai Valley. The Ventura County Sheriff Station is contracted to provide full Ojai Police Department law enforcement services for this community.

    Thousand Oaks Sheriff Station & Jail

    (805) 494-8260

    Thousand Oaks is the second safest city in the USA, thanks to the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, which is contracted to provide Thousand Oaks Police Department law enforcement services. The "T.O." Station als houses the East County Jail. In addition to the Thousand Oaks Station, Moorpark and Ojai Stations also often uses this jail.


    Ventura County Sheriff’s Department
    800 South Victoria Avenue
    Ventura, CA 93009-0001
    (805) 654-2380
    Ventura County Jails Information

    Ventura County is located in the southern part of California on the Pacific Coast. Ventura has been nicknamed the Gold Coast, because it is one of the safest and most affluent places in the country. The “safe” part of its reputation is due to the hard work of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

    This law enforcement agency can trace its beginnings back to 1873, when it was truly a place where “frontier justice” was dispensed for crimes like stealing horses. As time went on, the department became more sophisticated. Public hangings and gunfights gave way to the type of modern police practices we are familiar with, today. The modern era of Ventura County law enforcement began in 1959. It has continued to expand thanks to community involvement programs like Community Orientated Policing.

    The Ventura County Sheriff's Department is made up of both sworn officers of the law, administrative, dispatch and technical personnel, and community volunteers. Deputies and officers are required to complete a six-month course at the Ventura Training Academy in order to granted peace officer status. They must also undergo a screening process that includes a polygraph test, as well as psychological and physical testing.

    How the Ventura County police maintain their strategy for fighting crime is as follows: “We preserve the peace, prevent crime, apprehend offenders, facilitate problem solving community partnerships, enforce laws, provide secure and humane detention for persons lawfully entrusted to our care and display empathy and respect for the dignity of all individuals.”


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