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Most criminals try to do their best to avoid the long arm of the law, but that seems not to be the case in Northern California.

A spokesperson for the San Francisco Police Department say an alleged drunk driver has been booked at the Bryant Street Jail after police responded to call about him being passed out in his car.

Officers drove out to the intersection of Fullerton and 40th Avenue and arrived just before midnight.  Witnesses said they'd seen the car swerving about neighborhood streets; they suspected whoever was driving it had a few too many to drink.

Police found the car when they arrived; not only was the key still in the ignition but the driver was found passed out with his cell phone in his hand.  He'd apparently fallen asleep half way through sending a text message.

San Francisco Police officials say they put the vehicle in park and decided to do a drug sweep of the vehicle.  The arrest report shows they found a pistol, ammunition, drug paraphernalia and quite a bit of heroin.

The driver was arrested on the spot and taken to the Bryant Street Jail for booking.  He's being held on multiple felony charges; his bail bonds information has not been made available.