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Earlier this year, a Pennsylvania man was arrested after he stole a bulldozer with the intention of selling it to a scrap yard.  He was arrested and eventually booked into a local jail pending bail bonds.

Florida officials, though, say they're still on the lookout for a suspect who managed to make off with a fork lift.  If anyone has any information on who this is or where sheriff's deputies can find them, they're apparently all ears.

Authorities say the 10,000 pound piece of construction machinery was not only stolen from a construction yard, the thief then drove it about a half mile to an area bank where they tried to use it to hijack an ATM machine.

When deputies arrived at the scene they found the prongs of the forklift had been lodged into the ATM, but the criminal seemed to have abandoned his plan after he wasn't able to get his hands on any money.

The device was then dusted for fingerprints; sheriffs officials have not said whether they have leads on a potential suspect.  What they did say is that this isn't the first time a criminal tried to use a forklift to steal a money dispensing machine.

A similar incident happened last month in Georgia, they said, although it's too soon to tell whether the two crimes are connected.

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