Most Notorious 7 Deadly Sins in Crime

If you were raised Catholic, you likely learned them in Catachism: The Seven Deadly Sins.

If you're a Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman or Gwyneth Paltrow fan, you saw the movie Seven.

For the rest,"The Seven Deadly Sins" were developed by the Catholic Church in the 14th Century as a guide, of sorts, to let folks know what would potentially keep them from heaven. Most people didn't read at the time, so the church wanted to simplify so to speak.

Here they are: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony. Sounds like any good night of TV would damn one to hell.

But alas, …

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Fact: Inmates Can’t Use Their Cell Phones To Make Calls

When someone is arrested and taken to jail, at some point, they are provided access to a phone; if the defendant can't remember any phone numbers, they may be out of luck.

Jailers always take an inmates personal possessions as part of the county jail booking process.  This can include everything from confiscating watches, purses, jewelry, car keys and yes, this includes the defendant's cell phone.  These items will be returned to an inmate when they are released but they won't have access to any of it while they remain in custody.

Although it is common practice for the jail to …

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Another San Joaquin Makes A Run From The Honor Farm

Sources close to the San Joaquin County Jail Honor Farm have confirmed yet another inmate has tried to escape from its walls.

The now fugitive is 19 year-old Pedro Arquiaga, who was last seen just before noon on Saturday.  When officers did the 12 o'clock count, he was gone.  Jail officials say the defendant was booked into the facility on Nov. 1 and was reportedly charged with vehicle theft, hit and run, burglary, obstructing a police officer and receiving stolen property.

It's not immediately clear if he was still eligible to post bail bonds at the time of his escape or …

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Illegal & Unlawful: Top 14 of 2014

Criminals do the darndest things...
2014 has been an interesting year for weird and bizarre crime.  Below, we've listed our "best of the best" from the past 12 months, which span the good to the bad to the ugly (and even the strange).

14.  The double wet willie that landed an airman in jail.  In October of this year, a 24 year-old member of the armed services was enjoying some time off from service.  He was with friends, they were out drinking, and at some point, he decided it would be a great idea to give a 'double wet-willie' to an …

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Assault With A Deadly Lager

A female bar patron found herself in hot water with Santa Monica Police officials earlier this month after she fast-pitched a pint of beer at a local bartender.

According to police reports, officers were called out to investigate the Dec. 13 incident after receiving a call about an assault.  Bar staff said the assailant ordered her adult beverage but refused to pay.

The suspect allegedly told the the worker that she didn't have to pay for her beer because he was African American and she was Caucasian. So he asked her again.

Instead of reaching for her wallet she began to rattle …

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SDPD Donates Out-Of-Pocket To Save Family’s Christmas

Earlier this week, a Grinch nearly ruined Christmas for a Claremont family, after breaking into their home and stealing all of the presents.

The thieves gained entry to the apartment through a window, according police, and proceeded to unwrap all the gifts and steal the ones they liked most.  They also ran off with the family's home computer.

Officers said that inexpensive items, such as clothes, socks and a soccer ball were the only things the wrongdoers left behind.

A spokesperson for the San Diego Police Department said they were saddened for the family, especially the children, and decided to take matters …

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Desperate Man Fakes Heart Attack To Steal Christmas Gifts

A Florida man found himself behind bars last week after he faked a heart attack so his friend could steal a Barbie car.

Sheriff's deputies say two men walked into a local retailer and worked together to pull off the heist.  The first man's job was to distract the store's employees.  The second was charged with gathering up as much loot as he could, and making a run for it while no one was watching.

All of it was caught on tape.

Security officials say the pair was seen walking into the business together; each grabbed a cart and started piling in …

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Holiday Drinking and DUIs

Thanksgiving to New Years 1200 People will be killed and 25,000 will be injured in traffic accidents related to alcohol.

These numbers are staggering.

Let's take a look at this infographic related to the Scram Systems "Sober for the Holidays" campaign: (more…)

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    Law Enforcement Admits Jail Realignment Has Been A Game Changer

Law Enforcement Admits Jail Realignment Has Been A Game Changer

It's been a little more than 36 months since the controversial California inmate realignment took place; since that time, certain sentenced inmates are serving their time at county lock ups instead of state prisons.

The shift was in response to a flurry of lawsuits relating to poor conditions, abysmal medical care and widespread overcrowding.  Eventually, the Supreme Court intervened and ordered the state to reduce its prisoner population to no more than 137.5 percent of rated capacity.

California had two options-  let a bunch of people off early, or find a way to pass the buck.  That's where the realignment came …

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The Bad Santa Roundup

Although many associate Jolly old St. Nick with gift giving and good cheer, these Bad Santas will likely be getting coal in their stockings for many years to come.

Not exactly down the chimney An Indiana man is now wanted on attempted robbery charges after he tried to break into a home while dressed in a Santa suit. Police say the would-be intruder tried to gain entry through a side door, but the homeowner caught him red handed.  Although the robber was able to blurt out the words "give me all your money", the resident said "nope".He managed to push …

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