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Night of the drunk-driving living dead

Police say that a women who was decked out in zombie gear was arrested on drunk driving charges twice last weekend; the second arrest came about three hours after she was released on the first.

Officers say they initially pulled the 26 year-old woman over just before 2 a.m. for driving without having headlights on.  She had just come from a "zombie prom" party, and had a few too many adult beverages while she was there.  Police officials say they arrested her, brought her to the station and released her into the custody of a friend.

Three hours later, they pulled her over again.   Sources close to the department say she was still in full make-up. was driving along the same stretch of road and for the second time that night, was found to be driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Arrested en-route to the slammer

Authorities in Baxter County said two women who were waiting to be booked into the jail found themselves being arrested a second time on unrelated charges.

One of the jailers saw one women pass something to another, and decided to strip search them both.  The second detainee was found to be in possession of drugs, paraphernalia and a syringe filled with some unknown substance.

Authorities say the women are now being charged with Furnishing Prohibited Articles in addition to the offenses they were initially picked up on.

Both remain in custody pending bail bonds.