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A Florida man found himself behind bars last week after he faked a heart attack so his friend could steal a Barbie car.

Sheriff's deputies say two men walked into a local retailer and worked together to pull off the heist.  The first man's job was to distract the store's employees.  The second was charged with gathering up as much loot as he could, and making a run for it while no one was watching.

All of it was caught on tape.

Security officials say the pair was seen walking into the business together; each grabbed a cart and started piling in what many believed were Christmas gifts.

The "heart attack victim" then casually (and slowly) lowered himself to the floor, and looked more like he had slight tummy ache as opposed to a sudden, pulmonary incident.  And while this man pretends to be down for the count, his friend strutted right out the front door with an overflowing shopping cart in tow.

As soon as the second man had exited the building, the "sick man" got up, brushed himself off and exited the premises.   They were later seen driving away in the same car.

Jail officials have confirmed the pair has since been captured.  Both were arrested and were booked on grand theft charges.

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