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A cold, abandoned jail in Texas has been transformed this Halloween, the county's historical commission says it's chock full of goblins, ghouls and things that go bump in the night.

Many local residents say that if they haven't already been to the jail, they plan on making the trip with their families.  Seeing an abandoned, "haunted" detention center is a perfect scary outing to pair with the Oct. 31 holiday.

Organizers say that when visitors arrive they'll be taken on a guided tour of the first and second floors of the building.  On the ground floor, ghosts can be seen throughout the different rooms and sources say a scary spirit girl has even been known to pop out and scare guests when they least expect it.

The Historical Commission said she is the latest addition to the attraction; old documents say the bedroom is where the first ghosts may have been seen, so they decided to take that and run with it.  Ghosts can't exactly be released on bail bonds, so spirits that have been haunting the grounds are likely going to be around for quite some time.

The top floor, they said, is designed to be equally frightful.  It's fairly dark up there, so there are lots of creative hiding spaces for creatures and spooks to hide.

On the last part of the tour, visitors are walked through the adjacent cemetery, where werewolves, monsters and even a devil have been known to hang out.

Plenty of volunteers donate their time to make the haunted jail happen, they said, and everyone seems to have had a really good time.

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