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A reasonably intoxicated airman found himself on the wrong side of the law recently after he gave a double wet willie to an on-duty cop. For some, getting a wet-willie is an annoyance, but when damp pointer fingers assault the inside of an officer's ears, well that can be classified as a crime.

The 24 year-old was at home on leave from the air force, according to friends, and he decided to celebrate his temporary freedom with a night out on the town. At the end of the night (and after last call), Riley Swearingen did not head directly to the "drunk bus" that was set to drive him home.

Instead, he decided to take a quick pit stop, lick his fingers and stick them in the policeman's ears.

Suffice to say, the wet willie recipient was far from amused; he followed Swearingen to the bus, walked him off and placed him in handcuffs. He was booked into a local jail and was charged with felony assault on a police officer.  Sources close to the case say the airman is also being charged with disruptive intoxication and another misdemeanor offense

The officer said that Swearingen asked what all the fuss was about, and why he was taken into custody but it was pointed out that he most certainly would never have "wet willied" a commanding officer.  Court records show the airman didn't post bail bonds, and he remained behind bars until he saw a judge.

When the defendant appeared in court he admitted that alcohol had clouded his judgement and that yes, he agrees the prank is not nearly as funny as it seemed to be when he was intoxicated.