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    SFPD Information


    On this page, you will find information for the San Francisco Police Department Stations and the communities they serve.  Each station listed below features a link to additional information.

    SFPD stations are divided by geographic regions throughout the city, called Divisions.  San Francisco has two:  Metro Division and Goldengate Division.

    The SFPD currently has 10 main police stations. Their department motto is the same as that of the city and county: "Oro en paz, fierro en guerra," which is Spanish for "Gold in peace, iron in war." The operational headquarters, known as the Southern Station, is located in the San Francisco Hall of Justice at 850 Bryant St., which also serves as the head court and all court and county jail facilities for San Francisco.

    The SFPD should not be confused with the San Francisco Sheriff's Department, which is a separate law enforcement agency within San Francisco that operates the jails. The SFPD serves an estimated population of 1.2 million people, as well as millions of other visitors who come to the city every day. It is the 11th largest police department in the United States.

    The San Francisco Police Department can trace its beginnings all the way back to 1849. They quickly grew into one of the pioneering forces for modern law enforcement, beginning in the early 1900s. They were the first police in the country to use fingerprinting and to welcome minorities into their ranks. They have a reputation for being the toughest on crime in the West Coast, but lenient for small offenses.  They are currently experiencing a departmental renaissance that includes brand new headquarters that will be finished in 2010 and which are twice the size of their current operational headquarters.

    Crime is also down in San Francisco, thanks to programs that the SFPD has implemented, like:  The Shot Spotter Gunshot Detection System that monitors 3.3 square miles of the city, mainly in the Mission area, and will expand to cover 15 square miles of the Tenderloin and Potrero Hill.  They also have a violence reduction plan that covers everything from strictly enforcing court orders, like gang injunctions, to bringing suspects into custody swiftly after a bench warrant has been issued.


    Central Police Station

    The Central Station is located in the heart of the city.  The Financial district, Chinatown, North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, and three famous hills: Telegraph, Nob and Russian are also under their jurisdiction.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 576-1711 TDD/TTY

    Mid-Market Substation

    The Mid-Market Substation is located on 6th Street in the heart of the city's tech hub.  It is designed to keep more officers in the area without having to travel to the main  Tenderloin Station and Southern Station for basic police work.

    Mission Police Station

    The Mission Station serves the Mission District, also known as “the heart of the city,” since it covers the area east of Twin Peaks to the James Lick Freeway, and then south of Market Street to Cesar Chavez Street.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 431-6241 TDD/TTY

    Northern Police Station

    The Northern Station serves the North District, which is bounded by Larkin Street, Market Street, and from Steiner Street to Broadway, and then west on Broadway to the Presidio.

    (415) 614-3400 Voice
    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 588-2404 TDD/TTY

    Southern Police Station

    The Southern Station, home of the Bryant Street Jail, is inside The Hall Of Justice, where it functions as SFPD's operational headquarters.  The Southern Station’s jurisdiction covers the Ferry Building and extends south from Market Street to 16th Street and then east to the Bay.  Also: Embarcadero and China Basin.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 474-5763 TDD/TTY

    Tenderloin Police Station

    The Tenderloin Station serves downtown San Francisco. It is bordered by Geary, Market and Larkin Streets, making the Tenderloin Police District the smallest of ten SFPD station areas.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 474-5763 TDD/TTY


    Bayview Police Station

    The Bayview Station serves Potrero Hill and Bayview -- one of the largest areas in San Francisco.  It stretches from the city’s southeastern part to the eastern edge of McClaren Park (Cambridge Street), to the Bay and then south from Channel Street to the San Mateo County line.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 671-2346 TDD/TTY

    Ingleside Police Station

    The Ingleside Station serves that part of San Francisco which runs south of Cesar Chavez Street to the San Mateo County line, and then west from Highway 101 to Faxon Avenue.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 404-4009 TDD/TTY

    Park Police Station

    The Park Station serves the area bordered by Geary Boulevard, Steiner, Market, Upper Market, 7th Avenue and the vast east end of Golden Gate Park. Also the communities of Cole Valley, Haight Street, the Western Addition, Twin Peaks, Duboce and Castro.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 681-6487 TDD/TTY

    Richmond Police Station

    The Richmond Station is located in the city’s northwest corner, but they also serve the long commercial, shopping and restaurant corridors of Geary Boulevard and Clement Street, most of Golden Gate Park, the Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the University of San Francisco campus.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 666-8059 TDD/TTY

    Taraval Police Station

    The SFPD Taraval Station is located in the western part of San Francisco.  Their jurisdiction ranges from west of Twin Peaks to the Pacific Ocean, south to the county line, and then north to Lincoln Way. Their community includes the Inner/Outer Sunset, Parkside, Golden Gate Heights, Balboa Terrace, Ingleside Terrace, Monterey Heights, St. Francis Wood, Ingleside, Oceanview, West Portal, Lakeshore Acres, Country Club, Merced Manor, Park Merced, Edgehill, Laguna Honda, Lakeside, Merced Extension, Mount Davidson Manor and the Sunset Heights neighborhoods.

    (415) 553-0123 Voice
    (415) 351-2924 TDD/TTY


    Anyone arrested at an SFPD Station must undergo a short intake process, and then he or she will be transported to one of the San Francisco County Jails which are operated by the Sheriff's Department Custody Division. Transportation from SFPD stations to a County jail occurs every two to four hours. The system is comprised of eight jails, with approximately 55,000 annual bookings administered by 800 deputy sheriffs. Although arrestees may be taken to various jails awaiting arrignment, most will be taken initally to the Bryant Street Jail because it is at the Hall of Justice.

    If you would like additional information about bail or an arrestee, please call 888 Bail Bond, 24/7, for any of the following San Francisco Community Police Stations.  We can be reached toll-free at 888-651-5100 or locally at 415-831-2245.

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