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A man who broke his wife's nose after throwing a McChicken sandwich at her face has been arrested and booked on domestic violence charges.

Sources close to the case say the whole thing happened because his wife woke him up in the middle of the night and handed him the sandwich; he became angry because he "doesn't like them."

The assault started by him launching the McChicken at her face; the suspect furthered the incident by picking up part of the bun and launching that in her direction as well.

When police arrived on scene they found the sandwich in shambles; the victim was also covered in mayonnaise.

Authorities say that once the case reaches the county prosecutor, the defendant's charges may be modified to reflect the incident caused bodily injury.

Domestic violence continues to be a problem in all areas of the country, they said, and the fact that a fast food sandwich was used as a weapon in the attack doesn't make the offense any less serious.

Court records show this may not be the first time the couple had some heated interactions; the defendant's wife filed for a civil protection order in 2013 before they were about to enter a custody battle.

Yet as time went on, both cases were dismissed.

Jail records show the defendant has since been released on bail bonds; he'll likely be due to appear in court after the first of the year.

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