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Although many associate Jolly old St. Nick with gift giving and good cheer, these Bad Santas will likely be getting coal in their stockings for many years to come.

  • Not exactly down the chimney An Indiana man is now wanted on attempted robbery charges after he tried to break into a home while dressed in a Santa suit. Police say the would-be intruder tried to gain entry through a side door, but the homeowner caught him red handed.  Although the robber was able to blurt out the words "give me all your money", the resident said "nope".He managed to push the Santa back out the door, but the suspect didn't back off until he heard his victim dialing 9-1-1.  Police are still on the lookout for the man, and are asking anyone who thinks they have information to call in a tip.
  • Fast food follies In an unrelated incident, police in a different part of the state received a call about a disturbance at a local fast food restaurant.  When they arrived, they found two men dressed in Santa suits; the manager said one had permission to be there while the other did not.The unwelcome guest, they said, was being creepy and causing problems.  When officers called him outside and asked for his name, he replied with a simple "Santa Claus".  Officers reminded him that providing fake info to the police is a crime, and that he could be charged for it. He left the eatery without further incident.
  • Bad Santa roundup But it's not just Illinois cops that have been called to investigate bad behavior in St. Nick.  Other agencies throughout the country have been called to help with situations where Santas have stolen chocolate, committed armed robbery, kidnapped little girls, drugged unsuspecting victims, have engaged disorderly conduct, committed an assault and in one case, was found to be drunk in public.