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A spokesperson for the San Bernardino Police Department said criminals' plans to make a bunch of money selling weed went up in smoke after officers found more than 10,000 pounds of marijuana that had been hidden behind a pile of Barbies.

Officers said it all started after an investigation pointed them in the direction of a truck depot.  When they arrived, they found a tractor trailer that smelled pretty suspicious.

When they opened the back they found what appeared to be a shipment of toys but upon closer look, they realized the dolls were little more than a decoy.

A spokesperson for the San Bernardino PD said they don't believe the marijuana was grown in the US and that it was likely driven across the border from Mexico.  The driver, who is still being looked into, then stashed the truck in the nondescript location.

Officers aren't sure if someone else was supposed to come pick it up or if criminals were simply going to come unload it.

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