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Stockton PD K-9 Lives Up To His Superhero Name

A police dog at the Stockton Police Department got an extra special treat this week after helping his human counterparts take down a suspected bad guy.

Officers received a call earlier this week about a man who was violating a domestic violence restraining order.

The caller said the man in question, 34 year-old Juan Hernandez, had assaulter her previously and was trying to break into her home.

When officers arrived at the scene they not only found Hernandez, they saw he was holding a hammer.  Although he was ordered to drop the weapon and get on the ground, he chose an alternative.


That's when the officers decided to unleash Thor.  Hernandez not only tried to flee, he reached for a gun he'd been concealing in his pocket.  But Thor managed to sink his teeth into that arm, and was able to take the man down.

The suspect is reportedly being charged with burglary, weapons charges and resisting arrest.

Zeus alerts officers as to 11 grams of heroin

A Mountain View K-9 this week helped alert his handler that a suspect was holding drugs.  The heroin was packaged for sale, they said, and officers also recovered nearly $5,000 in cash from the home.

The dog's keen nose is credited to helping with the bust.

Police Dog In The UK Saves A Woman's Life

When most people think of police dogs, they picture trained K-9s tracking down suspects and taking them down, but they also help in a number of other capacities.

Earlier this week, a police dog in the UK helped alert officers that a woman was hurt and bleeding.  News reports indicate she is recovering in a nearby hospital.   It's believed the dog may have saved her life.