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If you've spent any time on Facebook in the past few days you've likely seen a handful of posts relating to San Joaquin County Jail inmate Jeremy Meeks.

The defendant, whose rap sheet includes a stint in state prison and convictions for robbery, corporal injury and is alleged to have ties to an area street gang, was thrust into the media spotlight after the sheriff's department posted his mugshot online.

Since that time, this "hot inmate" has had dozens of news stories written about him and his name is appearing in headlines on websites spanning TMZ to Fox News to US Weekly.

Suffice to say, the chiseled jaw line and baby blue eyes are resonating with a lot of women.

A of Sunday, the photo has been shared more than 12,000 times and it's been liked by more than 94,000. It's even garnered more than 25,300 cat-calling types of comments.

His wife, though, isn't nearly as excited about all the attention.  Those close to her say she's actually hot, boiling mad over all of this and that she doesn't understand why posts throughout the Interwebs have so much to say about her man.

I'm not a kingpin, I swear...

The now-defendant was initially picked up late last week when authorities snagged him as part of a multi agency crime sweep.  Shootings and robberies have been on the rise in Stockton, they said, and the local gang unit realized something needed to be done.

A total of four firearms were confiscated at the times the arrests took place, and if any of them belongs to the "handsome inmate", he could find himself in very hot water.   Why?  Because it's illegal for a felon to possess a firearm in the state of California.

Despite the fact that the defendant's bail bonds have been set at more than $1 million (not including the no-bail hold, which means he's not currently eligible for release even if the family hires a San Joaquin bondsman) he swears he's not a bad guy.  All these allegations, well that's really not him, he said.

His mom is even backing him up, saying it's all one big mistake.  Her son was simply on his way to work and didn't do anything wrong.

She's since taken to the Internet in hopes of raising enough funds to get him released but as of late last week, she'd collected just over $400.