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    Since 1971, the Rynerson family of bondsmen have been serving the community of Stockton’s needs by offering top quality, fast, and professional service to those navigating the bail bond system.

    We know that this is a difficult time and that you have many questions that need answers.

    When someone you care for is arrested and jailed in Stockton, it is important to talk to someone who can cut through the red tape and who understands the Stockton jail system and bail process.

    888 Bail Bond knows the urgency that you are feeling and that is why an experienced bondsman is available to talk to you now and anytime, any day of the week, including weekends and holidays.

    For immediate assistance with Stockton bail bonds, call (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266, to speak a licensed bondsman 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


    The arrest process in Stockton could usually take up to 4 to 12 hours.  All the documentations must be done while the detainee is arrested.

    They will be photographed, medically and psychologically evaluated, and also have all belongings documented as well as inventoried.

    Bail bonds shouldn’t be posted until this process is complete.  However, you can still begin the process to get your bail bond during this time.


    888 Bail Bond is a state licensed bail bondsman that guarantees the court payment in the full bond amount if the defendant fails to appear for scheduled court appearances.

    The cost of a bail bond in Stockton, California is set with the Department of Insurance at 10% of the actual bail.

    To get a bail bond in Stockton, contact us and discuss your situation to begin the simple approval process.  Once you’ve been approved for a bail bond, you’ll need to sign basic bail bond documents.

    After paperwork is finalized and payment made, a bondsman will post the bond at the jail.  Most bail bonds can be completed in about 1 to 2 hours.  Payment plans are available to match your needs, if required.

    To expedite your call and answer your questions accurately, please be ready to answer questions pertaining to the defendant such as where the person is being held, date of arrest, birthdate, and full name.

    This information will help us deal with the jail system quickly so that we can move forward with the release of the detainee as soon as possible. If you do not have the information listed above, it’s okay, we can still help.

    We are available 24 hours a day. Please call us locally at 415-831-2245 or toll-free at 888-BAIL-BOND (1-888-224-5266) to speak to a professional bondsman for Stockton.


    Founded August 14, 1850, the Stockton police Department has been serving the community for over 150 years.

    At its start, the 4.3 miles of the city was patrolled by seventeen officers. Today, Stockton has grown to 65 square miles and is now protected over 500 officers and volunteers. The mission of the Stockton Police Department is to protect and serve its citizens of the 13th largest city in California.


    Have proper ID

    • No drugs, weapons, alcohol allowed
    • Minors must be accompanied with adults
    • No cameras or cell phones
    • Stay within visiting hours
    • Bail bondsmen, attorneys, and clergy may visit usually 24 hours/day
    • Conversations may be recorded

    If you need a bondsman to answer specific your Stockton bail bonds questions, please call us locally at 415-831-2245.

    Emergencies aren’t scheduled but a qualified bondsman is awaiting your call.

    888 Bail Bond is a family business and believes of treating every client like it is a part of that family. You can expect unprecedented service and reliable information regarding Stockton bail bonds and its jail system when you call (888) BAIL BOND or (888) 224-5266.

    Stockton Police Department
    22 E. Market Street
    Stockton, CA  95202
    (209) 937-8377

    Other useful information:

    California Dept of Corrections:  (209) 944-1301
    Federal Bureau of Prisons:  (209) 956-9700
    Stockton Bail Bonds: (888) 224-5266

    Hours of Operation: The main Stockton Police Department general lobby is open from 7:00 AM – 6:00 PM Monday through Thursday and 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM Every Friday.