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Authorities in Northern California have said they've arrested two men who literally made off with the cheddar.

Suspects Ryan Monaco and Brian Lancaster are believed to be connected to a crime that took place last weekend.  Basically, the pair is accused of commandeering Tillamook cheese vehicles from an area parking lot.

And once the thefts took place, the media, and social media fans of the beloved brand, made sure the news went viral.

Authorities think the suspects stole a pick up truck and a trailer that contained three microbuses, all of which were part of a cheese transport caravan.  The vehicles stopped in Manteca while employees were out and about promoting the company's wares.

The law enforcement search was relentless.

A number of local police departments assisted in the investigation, and at one point, the California Highway Patrol even got involved.

A spokesperson for the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department said they eventually found the vehicles a few counties over. The microbuses were undamaged, they said, but no further information has been given about the state of the cheese.

Tillamook says they're grateful to have recovered their "beloved cheese buses", and they're thankful so many of their fans stepped up to help spread the word about the theft.

Monaco and Lancaster are currently being held at the San Joaquin County Jail pending bail bonds.

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