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A spokesperson for the San Joaquin County Jail Honor Farm has confirmed that two inmates have escaped in as many days.

It all started last weekend when inmate Melvin Rasberry managed to escape the French Camp Jail.  Corrections officials said they counted him in the morning, but when they did rounds later that night, he was nowhere to be found.

A second inmate escaped the following day.

Representatives from the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department said they searched the area extensively, but turned up empty handed.

The first inmate is reportedly a "known associate" of Matthew Cook, otherwise known as escapee number two. Cook has been sentenced; Rasberry's case is still pending.

Law enforcement officials say they are still on the lookout for both men and are hopeful the public can help provide information as to their current whereabouts.

Other inmates have escaped from the Honor Farm in the past

In August of 2013, four men escaped from the Honor Farm and were reportedly seen getting into a sedan that was located just outside the facility gates.  The men were being charged with a variety of crimes spanning from burglary to auto theft.

Eleven months before that, another pair of inmates managed to escape.

Those men had also been booked on property crimes and were learned to be missing after jail employees did bed checks.

In February this year, sheriff's deputies said they captured another jail escapee within 24 hours of him slipping through jail wall cracks.   Jail officials have not said how he escaped, but they have confirmed he was being held on charges relating to petty theft and burglary.