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Pro football players from the San Francisco 49'ers and the Oakland Raiders traveled to the Delta College Gym last weekend to shoot some hoops with members of the Stockton Police Department.

It was all in the name of charity, they said, and all the funds raised that night will benefit the Stockton PD Youth  Activities League.  The nonprofit group is run by volunteer police officers and it helps sponsor programs aimed toward providing local youth with valuable life skills.

The organization was founded in the mid 1970s, they said, and donations make up a large chunk of their budget.

An anonymous donor reportedly paid entry for the first 500 people to walk through the door, according to a department spokesperson, and everyone was visibly excited to be there.

The basketball court is quite a different playing field from what the NFL players were used to and the officer-manned police team had a good time taking them on- despite the fact that they lost.

The department hasn't said exactly how much money was raised, but they are happy members of the community came out to watch the game and support the cause.

Local youth who are interested in the Youth Activities League are invited to contact the Stockton PD for more information.