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Marky Mark Wahlburg may be best known for being a one-hit-wonder solo artist turned movie star, but the 43 year-old actor has said he'd like to add another item to his resume.

TMZ has recently reported that if Wahlburg is able to get his former criminal record expunged, he'd like to become an LAPD reserve officer.

Sources say the actor became interested in police work after doing research for various movie roles.  Those close to him say he's been interested in law enforcement work for quite some time, but a prior felony conviction for assault has prevented him from pursuing that dream.

Wahlburg admits making a number of bad decisions in his youth and has been candid about his role in a 1988 attack against a pair of Vietnamese-American men back in his hometown.

The actor has pointed out that he's made great efforts to turn his life around, and is asking the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for a pardon on that case.

He hasn't yet said which facet of the LAPD he'd like to join, he has previously volunteered his time to the LAPD Memorial Foundation.  The executive director for that organization said they'd be excited o have such a community-minded person join their ranks.

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