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A San Diego man found himself behind bars earlier this week after he arrived at a job interview drunk and proceeded to stab the boss.

A spokesperson for the El Cajon Police Department said the incident took place on Monday; at that point, Jose Lopez walked into the office of his latest job prospect but the owner quickly smelled booze on his breath.

Showing up at a job interview while intoxicated is not exactly good form; the boss was annoyed and he confronted the applicant on his faux pas.

Lopez became angry, then irate, and eventually it escalated to physical contact.  Although the business owner was able to get the man into a headlock, the applicant somehow managed to stab him in the arm before running off.

The boss turned over the job application to the authorities when they arrived; the El Cajon PD said they were able to use the man's name to track down a current address.

He was arrested at his home later that afternoon without incident.  Lopez was taken to the San Diego Central Jail for booking and was charged with assault on a person, contempt of court, obstruction, DUI and assault with a deadly weapon.  His bail bonds have been set at $110,000.   His next court date has been set for Dec. 1.

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