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Although county officials say they're planning on building a new Napa County Jail complex, the first item of business is to open a re-entry facility that will help soon-t0-be released inmates transition back into society.

The Board of Supervisors is set to vote on whether to authorize the $1.6 million in spending for the re-entry center later this week. If approved, those funds will be allocated toward design work;  the supes are also considering another $378,000 request that would be needed to pay for utilities design work.

Sources close to the project, however, point out that the phase-one spending isn't aimed at building a new, fully-functioning jail.

The re-entry facility will instead house up to 72 inmates who are fast-approaching their release date.  At this point, detainees will have greater access to behavioral group programs and educational programs; jail officials say it's about providing inmates the tools they need to prepare for life outside the county lock-up.

If inmates can be successful in getting jobs, finding stable housing and connecting with family members they are far less likely to commit new crimes, they said.

If the plan is approved construction could begin in 2017 with the facility reaching completion in 2019.

Sources also say that elected officials are still looking into building a new, expanded Napa County Jail which would allow them additional bed space to offset added capacity from CA prisoner realignment inmates.

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