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    The SFPD Ingleside Police Station, built in 1910, has also changed over the years.  In 1991, it underwent a complete renovation, save for its classic Mission style exterior of stucco and red tile.  Ingleside police are very involved in community outreach and their station reflects this.  It has a community room that can hold 50 people, visitor parking and handicapped access.

    The Ingleside District is home to many of the oldest neighborhoods in the city, including Sherwood Forest, Mt. Davidson, Westwood Park, Miraloma Park, Glen Park-Sunnyside, Diamond Heights and more.

    Ingleside is an affluent neighborhood built on the site of the old Ingleside Racetrack.  The first automobile race in California was held on this track back in 1900. Out of the eight vehicles, only one reached the finish line. The track stayed in business until the 1906 earthquake hit. It was then given to the city, free of charge, as a permanent refugee camp for many homeless San Franciscans.  Today, Ingleside hosts a main local event called the Annual Sundial Park Picnic, in which residents participate in bicycle, chariot and wagon racing.  They race around a large sundial that is surrounded by the oval-shaped Urbano Drive, where the track once stood.

    Anyone arrested at the Ingleside Police Station will be taken to a San Francisco Jail which is oporated by the County Sheriff after a short intake process at the Ingleside Station. Defendants are transported to a jail every two to four hours.


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    Ingleside Police Station
    1 John V. Young Ln.
    San Francisco, CA 94112
    (415) 404-4000

    The San Francisco Police Department Ingleside Station is part of the SFPD Goldengate Division.  The police station serves that part of San Francisco which runs south of Cesar Chavez Street to the San Mateo County line, and then west from Highway 101 to Faxon Avenue.