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    The Tenderloin hosts major world class institutions and cutting edge alternative arts groups. It is bordered by Geary, Market and Larkin streets, making the SFPD Tenderloin Police District the smallest of ten San Francisco Police Department stations areas.

    The triangular-shaped Tenderloin is a small, densely populated neighborhood in downtown San Francisco. It is a designated historic district thanks to several unique hotels from the early 20th century and its large, beautiful, theaters.  In addition to its rich history and diverse community, there is significant poverty, homelessness and crime.

    There is an old police legend about how the district got its name:  A former police captain, Alexander S. Williams, was overheard to brag that when he was assigned to another part of San Francisco, he could only afford to eat chuck steak on his salary, but after he was transferred to the Tenderloin, he made so much money on the side soliciting bribes that he could now afford to eat tenderloin instead!

    All SFPD arrestees will be taken to a County Jail run by the San Francisco Sheriff's Department. Those arrested at the Tenderloin Station will be briefly interviewed at, but will be transported to one of the San Francisco County Jails within two to four hours.


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    Tenderloin Police Station
    301 Eddy St.
    San Francisco, CA 94102
    (415) 345-7300

    Tenderloin Station is part of the SFPD Metro District. The SFPD created a Tenderloin Task Force back in 1991 (with the first bicycle patrol in the city) to combat the high level of crime. The officers also have to deal with the highest concentration of parolees in the city, but many law-abiding immigrant families, especially from south east Asia, live here, too.



    Last updated:  10/11/2013