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    Did you know that many people who think they are unable to afford bail will need the help of a reliable bail bondsman if a friend or loved one has been arrested in the Bayview area.

    At 888 Bail Bond, we only charge one cost-of-service-fee that's just ten percent of the total bail amount.  For example, a 10% fee on a $10,000 bail amount would be $1,000.

    So whatever your financial situation is, our bondsmen can almost always work out a payment plan with you.  Please don't go through the stress of trying to get somebody out of jail alone.

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    Bayview Station is part of the San Francisco Police Department's Goldengate Division. The station has a history of being one of the more crime ridden neighborhoods in San Francisco, but it is turning around, and the people who live here say it's not as bad as it was ten years ago. New apartments are being built and the Muni Metro (public transit) has been extended.  The Bayview Police Station got a major overhaul, too.  The original station, known as South East Station and later as Potrero Station, was built in 1915 to serve the residents of Potrero Hill and Bayview.

    In 1987, voters approved a new station – the one located at 201 Williams Avenue. The Bayview Police District encompasses one of the largest areas in San Francisco.  It stretches from the city’s southeastern part to the eastern edge of McClaren Park (Cambridge Street), to the Bay and then south from Channel Street to the San Mateo County line.  Over 37,118 residents live here.

    Anyone arrested by the Bayview Police Station must undergo a short information gathering intake process, but then he or she will be transported to one of the San Francisco County Jails which are operated by the Sheriff's Department Custody Division. Transportation from the SFPD Bayview Station to a County jail occurs every two to four hours.

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    Free 24-Hour Phone Consultations – you will speak directly with a professional bondsman, likely a Trusted ExpertBail Network member, who can quickly explain how a bail bond works and how this applies to your needs.
    Fast Bail Service throughout San Francisco County – Bail bonds can be arranged by fax and email or fast phone approvals to help get your loved one out of jail quickly. If meeting in person is more to your comfort, we'll come to you or you can meet us at the office or the jail. Once the process is complete, we post the bond within the hour to obtain the quickest release possible.
    Bail Bond Payment Options – You may use cash or a credit card. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover or American Express. We also offer additional payment options and in most cases we offer no collateral bail bonds.  Affordable payment plans  are available with no additional fess to those that qualify.

    Bayview Police Station
    201 Williams St.
    San Francisco, CA 94124
    (415) 671-2300

    The Bayview Police have some interesting neighborhood fixtures, like The Bayview Opera House, which was built in 1888 and is now used as a community meeting center.  Monster Park, home of the San Francisco 49ers, is here, too.  The headquarters for the popular Discovery Channel program, Mythbusters, is located at the southern edge of this neighborhood.