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    Our company has been providing Santa Monica bail bonds for over 4 decades.

    In most cases, our bail agents can get to your Santa Monica location just a few minutes or you may choose to expedite the bail bond process using fax and / or email.  Our firm understands the stress involved with bailing a loved one from custody.

    Most of our clients have never utilized a bail company before and our agents are college educated and are happy to fully explain the bail process to you.


    Usually, customers will contact us by phone.

    During the initial phone consultation, our bail bond company will collect basic information about your situation including your relationship to the detainee, how long the detainee has lived in the area (if they do), employment status and similar types of information.

    This allows the bail bond company to become acquainted with you and the defendant in order to determine if you qualify for our bail bond.

    The bail bond process and costs will be reviewed to your comfort level. If you choose to purchase a bail bond, the customer will need to sign a few basic documents.

    For bail bond service, the customer is charged a fee (typically 10% of the full bail amount, which is determined by state law).

    We accept all major credit cards and payment arrangements can be made.

    By involving family, friends, and possible collateral, the bail bond company can be reasonably assured that an individual released on bail bond will appear at their appointed court date.

    Our company can process your Santa Monica Bail bond (as well as other locations in California) by fax or e-mail.

    Or, we can dispatch a licensed, professional bail bondsman to our customer.

    After the bail bond paperwork and payment arrangements have been finalized, a licensed agent will “post” the bail bond at the appropriate jail (Santa Monica or other California detention facility) which will result in the release of the defendant.

    From start to finish, a competent Santa Monica bail bond company will complete the entire process in a few short hours.


    The Santa Monica jail is a small jail facility that only houses a small handful of inmates.

    If a defendant does not get bailed out from the Santa Monica jail quickly, it is likely they will be transferred to the Los Angeles main jail (Twin Towers Jail) for housing.

    We recommend that our clients get bailed as quickly as possible from the Santa Monica Jail because the Twin Towers Jail can be quite frightening to those not accustomed to being in jail.

    Call 888 Bail Bonds in Santa Monica at 888.224.5266.  We can help you 24 hours a day.

    Santa Monica Police Department / Jail
    333 Olympic Dr.
    Santa Monica, CA  90401

    This is Santa Monica Police Department and Bail Bond Posting location.

    Santa Monica Courthouse Location

    (Santa Monica Hearings and Arraignments Location)
    1725 Main Street
    Santa Monica, California 90401