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    Bondsman Information

    Bail Bondsman for Compton, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Lynwood, South Gate, Vernon & Greater Los Angeles

    The bail bond needs for South Central Los Angeles are unique. You want a local and reputable bail bond company that understands the local jail and police issues. Our company has serviced Southern California bail bond needs for over 40 years.

    We offer payment plans for those that qualify. We accept all major credit cards.

    Most of our paperwork can be completed by e-mail, fax and telephone. You might be surprised to know you probably won’t need collateral. This is likely a stressful time and you probably want to keep things simple.

    We’re here to help.

    Please call 888 Bail Bonds locally at 888.224.5266 for South Central bail bonds information.

    Arrested in South Central L.A.

    When someone is arrested in South Central Los Angeles, they will typically will be brought to one of several jails listed below. Each jail is unique. For example, the bail issues in Compton and Huntington Park are much different than those of South Gate and Vernon.

    You want a bail company that understands the intricacies of each jail. If you’re unsure of the jail, call us. As a bail bondsman, we can likely help you to locate the defendant.

    After an arrest, it generally takes 4-10 hours for a particular jail to process an inmate.  Additionally, once a bail bond is posted by a bondsman, it usually takes 2-8 hours for the defendant to be released by the jail.  We ask our customers to be patient.

    The jail sometimes has priorities other than your loved one, safety for everyone being their first. Not to be flippant, but remember, your loved one is not “checking into” and “out of” a four star hotel.

    Call us at 888-224-5266.

    Jail Information


    Southeast Area Jail
    145 W. 108th St.
    Los Angeles, CA - 90061
    Phone: 213 485-6930

    Southwest Area Jail
    1546 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.
    Los Angeles , CA - 90062
    Phone: 213 485-2615

    Huntington Park Jail
    6542 Miles Ave.
    Huntington Park, CA - 90255
    Phone: 323 826-6622

    Inglewood Jail
    1 Manchester Blvd.
    Inglewood, CA - 90301
    Phone: 310 412-5325

    Hawthorne Jail
    4440 W. 126th St.
    Hawthorne, CA - 90250
    Phone: 310 970-7258

    South Gate Jail
    8620 California Ave.
    South Gate , CA - 90280
    Phone: 323 563-5400

    Lennox Jail
    4331 Lennox Blvd.
    Lennox, CA - 90304
    Phone: 310 671-7531

    Lynwood County Jail
    11705 Alameda St.
    Lynwood, CA - 90262
    Phone: 323 568-4500
    Known as the Century Station Jail, the Lynwood jail is the primarily women’s jail for Los Angeles County. We offer Lynwood bail bonds for those taken to or transferred to this jail.

    Twin Towers County Jail / Men's Central Jail
    450 Bauchet St
    Los Angeles , CA  90012
    Phone:  (213) 473-6080
    The Men's Central Jail is the primary men’s jail for Los Angeles County. This includes, but is not limited to, the areas of Compton, Huntington Park, Inglewood, Lynwood, South Gate and Vernon. We offer Twin Towers bail bonds for men who are taken to or transferred to the Men's Central Jail.

    Jail Visiting Policies

    Each jail sets its own visiting rules.  You should be aware that these rules are very rigid. Each jail has its own visiting hours. Visitors must have proper ID. Visits are limited to 1-2 individuals. Those 18 years or under must be accompanies by and adult or guardian. Many jails have a dress code for visitors. If you are planning on visiting an inmate, we recommend that you contact the jail first. This may save you time and help prevent unnecessary aggravation.

    How to Determine Bail Amounts


    We provide a few sample bail amounts here for your convenience. We provide the full Los Angeles County Bail Schedule and information on how bail is set at our California Bail Schedules page.

    Domestic Violence: $20,000  to   $50,000
    DUI:                        $ 5,000   to $100,000
    Drug possession     $10,000  to   $30,000
    Theft                       $20,000  to   $50,000
    Threats                   $30,000  to $100,000
    Physical Altercation $30,000  to   $50,000

    Preparing for Court


    What do you do after bail bond has been posted?  Where do you go to court?  When do you go to court?  Do you need a criminal attorney?  Will I go to jail?

    A good bail bonding company should be able to guide you through the most of the legal process.  We provide extensive bail bond resources.

    Perhaps you need an attorney.  You might consider looking to the Los Angeles County Bar Association to help you with your legal options.  Some of our clients are looking to be referred to an alcohol / drug rehabilitation facility.

    We have had customers ask us about anger management classes.  We will do our best to try to help you.  Please call us 24 hours at Toll Free 888-224-5266. Our licensed bail agents are ready to help.

    77th Street Regional Jail
    7600 S. Broadway

    Los Angeles, CA - 90003
    Phone: 213 473-4851

    Local bail bond service to the following South Central communities:

    Arlington Park
    Athens on the Hill
    Baldwin Hills
    Baldwin Hills Estates
    Baldwin Village
    Baldwin Vista
    Cameo Plaza
    Canterbury Knolls
    Century Palms
    Chesterfield Square
    Exposition Park
    Figueroa Corridor
    Gramercy Park
    Huntington Park
    Hyde Park
    Jefferson Park
    Kinney Heights
    King Estates
    Leimert Park
    North University Park
    Magnolia Square
    Manchester Square
    University Park
    South Gate
    View Heights
    Vermont Knolls
    Vermont Park
    Vermont Square
    Vernon bail bonds
    Village Green
    West Adams
    West Alameda

    We hope that you choose our company for your bail bond needs.  We can be reached 24 x 7 locally at 1-888-224-5266.