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    If you have a friend, family member or loved one who has been arrested by the Inglewood Police Department, our bail bonds company can help you through the bail process.

    We understand the Los Angeles County legal systems and can work to have the defendant released from jail quickly and efficiently.  A bondsman is available to 24 hours a day to answer your most immediate questions. We can get the simple, but required paperwork to you easily by email or fax or even e-sign.

    If it's more convenient, a professional, licensed agent can meet with you at the location of your choice or even directly at the jail.


    To pay for the bond, most of our clients choose the ease of using a credit card which can be the fastest, most convenient way of obtaining a bail bond.  Further, we offer our clients several bail bond payment options to choose from to make posting bail easy for you and your family.

    For further information about Inglewood bail bonds, speak now to a bondsman who can answer your questions 24 hours a day at toll free 888-224-5266.


    The Inglewood Police Department employs 213 sworn personnel and 92 civilian support personnel. The Department consists of multiple resources, such as specially trained canine teams, directed enforcement units, scientific services investigators, bike teams, community affairs, fiscal services and recruitment.

    When someone has been arrested in the city of Inglewood, they will be transported to the Inglewood Police Department station jail for processing into the system.

    Once processed, if they have any medical conditions, defendants may be transported to either Twin Towers if they are male, or CRDF, also known as Lynwood Jail if they are female. Otherwise, they will remain in custody at the Inglewood Police Station Jail to await arraignment.

    If a long period of time passes before the jail has updated information about the defendant’s arrest, it is not unusual. If you contact the jail too soon, you may find the defendant has not been placed in the computer system yet.

    You should be aware that this process is normal as a result of the pre-booking period at the jail facility. Once they are clear, we may post a bail bond at the jail facility 24 hours a day.

    California Penal Code §851.5 establishes the right of a person in custody to make at least 3 free local phone calls upon being booked. This includes one call to an attorney, one call to a bail bondsman, and one call to a family member, or friend.


    For fast, reliable bail bonds assistance in Inglewood, please to contact a bail bondsman today. We'll quickly find out the booking, charge and bail information to get working on having your friend, family member or loved one released from jail as soon as possible.

    For immediate bail information in Inglewood, call us 24x7 at toll-free nationwide, 888-224-5266 or 888 BAIL BOND. We're here when you need us.

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