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    We understand the tremendous stress of bailing a loved one out from jail.

    Our bail bonds company is familiar with helping those that need assistance at the Lennox Station jail.

    We'll quickly determine your needs and move quickly to have your loved one released from the Lennox.

    Call us to speak to a bondsman locally at 310-275-6465. Our professional agents are trained to fully explain all your bail bond options.


    In most cases, you pay the bail bondsman a fee (premium) 10% of the total bail which is mandated by California law.

    A California bail bondsman is an individual that is licensed by the California Department of Insurance (DOI) that can legally assist those needing to bail out of jail. For example, if bail is set at $15,000, then the bondsman's premium will be $1,500.

    Usually this premium is paid up-front; however, exceptions may apply to those that are credit-worthy.

    Collateral is usually not required if the defendant is a California resident.


    The Lennox jail primarily services Southwest Los Angeles County including the areas of Gardena, El Camino Village, Athens, Lawndale and surrounding territories.

    The Jail is located on Lennox Boulevard just north of the 105 Freeway. The major intersections are Century Boulevard and Hawthorne Boulevard. The Lennox jail is currently under the supervision of Capt. Matt Dendo.

    Lennox is a smaller community located in Los Angeles County near the boundary of Inglewood.


    Those arrested under the jurisdiction of the Lennox Sheriff's / Police Department are typically brought to the Lennox jail to undergo the booking process.

    Arrestees are searched and relieved of all personal possessions such as cell phones, wallets, keys, weapons, belts, jewelry and other items. Arrestees are then photographed, fingerprinted and possibly questioned by detectives. Arrestees need to be checked and "cleared" for warrants (outstanding legal issues that have not been resolved by the defendant).

    Jailors will set bail by referring to a bail schedule for Los Angeles County. The average bail for Lennox is approximately $22,000.

    Keep in mind that those not bailed out quickly from the Lennox Station Jail stand a high probability of being transferred to the main county jail (downtown Los Angeles) or the Lynwood jail (female facility). This could result in 12-36 hour delay in getting released.

    For that reason, we recommend our clients call us immediately so that we start the bail bond process.


    We thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will trust our company to help you with your Lennox bail bond needs.

    Call today to speak with one of a licensed bondsman directly about your Lennox bail bonds at 310-275-6465.

    LASD - Lennox Station
    4331 W Lennox Blvd.
    Inglewood, CA 90304
    Lennox Jail Phone: (310) 671-7531
    24 Hour Bail Bond Service: (310) 275-6465