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    Defendants brought to Signal Hill will undergo a routine booking process which will include removal of any weapons and personal items (phone, wallet, jewelry, etc), a check to see if there any outstanding warrants, use of other names, and any previous criminal history.  Fingerprints are obtained and a photograph is taken.  All prisoners are given a medical screening and medical treatment is given if needed.

    The arresting officer determines the charges, copies of which along with the bail amount are given to the prisoner upon release from jail. The County of Los Angeles has set a uniform bail schedule for all offences.  After being booked, the inmate in usually allowed to make phone calls.

    Once the bail amount has been set and you wish to use a bail bondsman you will be paying 10% of the full amount of the bail. If you choose to, and have the funds available, you may pay the full amount of the bail to the court or jail.


    The Signal Hill Police Department services a wide area including Long Beach, Cal State University Long Beach, Lakewood, Cerritos, Carson and surrounding communities. Keep in mind that Long Beach also has it's own police department. We offer bail bonds for Long Beach, as well.

    The Signal Hill jail is a Type I facility. It has two cellblocks which can house a total of 9 prisoners.  It also has a detox cell which is used for prisoners who are under the influence of drugs and/ or alcohol.

    Often those arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI) are held for several hours here safety and released with a promise to appear in court. Generally, DUI bail bonds are necessary only with mitigating circumstances such as accident, under-aged drinking and repeated offense.

    This Signal Hill jail temporarily houses male adults.  Females after they are booked are transported to either Long Beach Women’s Jail or Los Angeles County in Lynwood.

    Juveniles are picked up by parents or transported to Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall or McClaren Hall.  Information on prisoners still in custody at the Signal Hill Jail is available by calling (562) 989-7200, ask for the Jail.

    Visitation is allowed once the prisoner has been in custody for at least 24 hours for 15 minutes per day between the hours of 3 and 5pm. Visitors must be 18 years or older and must present picture identification.

    Signal Hill Police Department Jail
    1800 E. Hill St.
    Signal Hill, CA 90755
    (562) 989-7200