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    We can definitely help you with your Carson bail bond needs. We are cognizant of the extreme pressure felt by our bail clients and we take pride in our professional bondsmen who will guide you through a difficult time.

    It may surprise you to find that the majority of our bail bond transactions can be finalized in minutes by fax, e-mail or e-sign.

    You may choose to simply meet us at the jail or have a licensed agent come directly to your home, office, or other location convenient to you. Call us locally at 310-275-6465.

    Those arrested in the Carson locality are typically transported to the Carson jail. Upon arrival, the arrestees are searched, fingerprinted, photographed and further processed until booking is complete (this takes approximately 5 hours).

    Those with medical or psychological issues may be transported to the main county jail in downtown Los Angeles for further evaluation.


    Eligible detainees will have bail set by jail staff that reviews a "bail schedule" to determine the appropriate bail amount. Be prepared that the average bail for Carson is $20,000.

    Once bail has been determined, the detainee can have bail "posted".

    Bail can be accomplished in 2 different ways:

    1) Those acting on behalf of the defendant can post the entire bail amount with the jail. By doing so, they will have the entire amount refunded upon completion of the defendant's case;

    2) Utilizing bail bondsmen, a 10% non-refundable fee is paid to the bail bond company.

    If you have access to funds you may choose to post the bail without a bondsman. Be aware, however, that you will not receive your money back until the case has come to conclusion. While this may be a short time, many cases last a year or more. If the defendant is sentence to community service or fines, your money will be held until all aspects of the sentence have been completed.


    • Collateral commonly not necessary
    • 24 / 7 availability
    • Payment plans available for those with good credit and/or homeowners
    • Major credit cards accepted
    • Our agents will come to you
    • Easy bail by phone / fax / e-mail / computer
    • Completely confidential
    • Friendly professional bail agents
    • Upon request, free ride home for the defendant

    Not all bail bond companies offer these benefits. And, it definitely DOES matter what bail bondman you utilize.

    All bail companies are legally compelled to charge the same premium. However, the level of customer service can vary.

    Ideally, you should try to work with a local Carson bail bond company that understands the unique needs of the Carson jail system. Consumers should also ensure their bondsman possesses a valid California Bail ID card.

    Please browse our web-site for everything you need to know about bail bonds. Our frequently asked questions page will answer many of your questions. Be aware that we can handle bail bonds throughout Los Angeles as well as most metropolitan areas throughout California.

    We always have bondsmen available. Call for immediate Carson bail bonds service at 310-275-6465.


    Carson Sheriff Department / Jail
    21356 S. Avalon Blvd.
    Carson, CA 90745
    Carson Jail: 310-830-1123

    The Carson jail is located near the intersection of Avalon Blvd. and Carson Street.

    Operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, the Carson jail services the nearby cities of Rancho Dominguez, Torrance and Gardena.

    Additionally, this jail also encompasses the territories of Dominguez Hills and the UCLA Harbor Hospital. The jail is presently under the supervision of Captain Todd Rogers.