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    The Monterey Sheriffs Department, which serves a population of 110,000 residents who live and work in an area that is around 3,350 square miles in size, is large and diverse.

    To orchestrate a law enforcement entity on this scale, the Sheriff’s Office operates out of three stations:

    • The Central Station (Salinas) patrols all of North County, the Salinas Valley south to Gonzales and west, halfway to Monterey.
    • The Coastal Patrol Station (Monterey) covers the unincorporated areas of the Monterey Peninsula and Carmel Valley, as well as coastal areas all the way up to the San Luis Obispo County line.
    • The South County Station (King City) provides coverage of southern Monterey County, from Gonzales south to the San Luis Obispo County line, and then west to the ridgeline of the Santa Lucia Mountain Range.
    • All of the Monterey Sheriff Stations utilize the Monterey County Jail in Salinas.

    Central Station (Salinas)

    Coastal Station (Monterey)
    (831) 647-7702

    South County Station (King City)
    (831) 385-8311


    The Sheriff’s Department has many units, but we will focus on a few of the more high-profile teams that make up this interesting California arm of the law.

    The Department has a Search and Rescue Team comprised of 13 deputies and about 25 volunteers. Since this is a seacoast county, some of them work in a special Dive Unit. But every team member has been trained and equipped for all types of search, rescue and recovery operations.

    Another, recently added branch of Search and Rescue Team is the Mounted Unit, which uses horses for rescue missions, body recoveries, parades and ceremonial functions (color guard).

    Both the Central and Coastal stations have their own Crime Prevention Specialist who assists the community by providing security services, training and by organizing neighborhood-watch programs.

    Like dogs? The MCSD Canine Unit boasts specially trained dogs that locate and apprehend suspects (aided by their human trainers). These wonderful animals also sniff out narcotics and find missing persons. The Investigations Division handles detection work, while the Homeland Security Division's mission is the management of terrorism, emergencies and disaster preparedness.

    Then there’s the Monterey County Gang Task Force, and the Bomb Squad, whose names pretty much describe their duties. The Sheriff’s Department also has a Tactical Airborne Response helicopter that offers air support to deputies and other agencies. The Narcotic Investigations Section works drug and vice-related crimes, while The Crime Prevention Unit tries to stop crime from occurring in the first place. There’s even a SWAT Team and a hostage Negotiation Team!

    As you can see, the Monterey Sheriff’s Department is well equipped and well staffed to handle all the needs of their community. And though they are very busy, they still find time for charity work, too.

    1414 Natividad Road
    Salinas, California 93906
    (831) 755-3700