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    If you've found our webpage, however, chances are you are looking for Salinas bail bonds information. At 888 Bail Bond, our licensed bail bondsmen are happy to answer any questions you have about where people are sent when they are arrested in Monterey and how we can help you bail them out of jail in this area.

    We have bondsmen available for Salinas, Monterey County and all throughout the entire state of California. We will walk you through the bail bond process and send you our simple paperwork by fax, e-mail or deliver it to you in person.  We also have payment plans to fit every budget.[/two_third]

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    Salinas is the county seat and the largest municipality in Monterey California. It’s a beautiful city that is situated only 10 miles east-southeast from the Salinas River mouth and a mere eight miles from the Pacific Ocean. The city boasts a population of about 148, 400 residents and it has a mild, sunny climate almost year round.

    The Monterey Central Station, which is responsible for policing in Salinas, makes its home in the Sheriff’s Public Safety Building. Officers cover an area that is 1,400 square miles in size. Also called the Central Patrol, they have divided this area into five jurisdictions that extend south to the city of Gonzales, west to Marina and north to the county lines that adjoin the Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties.

    Also included in this territory are the former Fort Ord. Community Field Offices (CFO’s), which are located in the towns of Castroville, Chualar and Pajaro. Central is the largest and busiest patrol station, in Monterey County and it takes the most service calls, too.

    In order to work more closely with members of their community, the Patrol Division of the Central Station realigned their responsibilities. Commanders assigned to these divisions have designated geographical parts of the city that they now responsible for. Some of the issues they deal with are nuisance and other neighborhood and business concerns. T

    heir duties also include meeting with business or neighborhood groups and individuals, and addressing crime and quality of life issues in an attempt to curb the former and promote the latter. The Commanders assign various personnel to follow up on requests for service and to coordinate auxiliary units, update the Chief of Police on a regular basis and meet with service agencies and other city personnel who directly work with the community. They also are beefing up local Neighborhood Watch groups.


    At 888 Bail Bond, we offer bail information 24/7 -- free -- to individuals and families from all over California who have just received a call that somebody they care about has been incarcerated.  We also specialize in posting bail in the Monterey area.

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    Whenever you call, day or night, you will receive immediate assistance.  Our bondsmen can guide you through every step of the bail bond process – right over the phone, by fax or email – so you won’t feel like you’re all alone, facing an overwhelming legal system.  We can even meet you in person at your home, work or at the jail.


    When you call 888 Bail Bond, you are guaranteed to be connected to a real person on the phone, anytime, day or night. Our licensed bondsmen have been trained to deal with a wide variety of bail bond issues, throughout Monterey County and the entire state of California.

    When it comes to posting bail for a friend, employee or loved one, we offer many convenient payment plans. We will also walk you through the entire bail bond process, including how to fill out our easy application forms. We can send them to anywhere you wish by fax or email – or we can deliver them in person. Anything you tell us about the arrestee will be kept in strict confidence.

    Please call a bondsman now at 888-224-5266, (888) BAIL BOND for assistance.

    Monterey Central Patrol Station
    1414 Natividad Road
    Salinas, CA 93906