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    There’s nothing more stressful than getting the news that someone whom you care for has been arrested. Now you will need to seek help from a reliable bail bondsman in Monterey County, because only a bail bond can get that friend or loved one out of jail, until you get their legal situation settled.

    At 888 Bail Bond, our mission is to make sure that anyone who has been arrested here receives fast, attentive and professional service. We are open 24/7 and during weekends and holidays. You are welcome to call us anytime for a free consultation.

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    If someone you know has been arrested by the Coast Patrol, they will be taken to the Monterey County Jail where they will be booked into the County jail system. 888 Bail Bond can immediately help you with bail. A professional, licensed bondsman is available 24x7. We will help you undestand the bail bond process as well as your bail options.

    We accept all major credit cards for the bail bond fee, generally 10% of the total bond amount - a fee that is non-refundable. If you are in need of financing, we can help. Please ask a bondsman when you call: 888-BAIL-BOND (1-888-224-5266).


    The Monterey Coast Patrol (MCP) is headquartered in the Monterey County Courthouse. Its officers serve an area that is over 750 square miles in size and includes around 100 miles of coastline. The patrol area extends from the marina to the southern edge of the county, south of Gorda on Highway One, and inland to encompass a part of the Los Padres National Forest, Carmel Valley, and Los Laureles Grade – then out to Laguna Seca on Highway 68. The

    Coastal Station is also responsible for supplemental law enforcement at many special events occurring in Pebble Beach and Carmel Valley, in addition to its day to day duties. They have Community Field Offices located at the Crossroads Shopping Center and Carmel Valley Village, too.

    The Coast Patrol Search and Rescue Team that covers all of Monterey County and responds to calls for help by neighboring counties. This Team is made up of 13 deputies and about 30 volunteers. Some members work in the Dive Unit, which is a specialized component of the Search and Rescue Team. But all Search and Rescue Team members are highly skilled and equipped for all types of search, rescue, and recovery operations.

    Each year, they respond to a calls that range from extended searches in the Los Padres National Forest for lost and stranded hikers, to cliff-side rescues of people who have either fallen or driven off them. They have also been called on to assist in the recovery of deceased persons who were the victims of foul play or accidents in the rugged backcountry, Big Sur area, or Pacific Ocean/other waterway divers. As if this wasn’t enough, they participate in swift water flood rescues, evidence or abduction searches. They also search for downed aircraft and aid in missing person searches during urban disasters like mudslides, fires and earthquakes.

    They work in tandem with all of the Monterey County Fire Urban Search and Rescue units, local, state, and federal parks and forest services, and local and state law enforcement agencies.

    The MCP has a new addition to the Search and Rescue Team called the Mounted Unit, which is staffed by two deputies and about 20 volunteers. The Mounted Unit provides horses for rescue missions, body recoveries, parades and ceremonial functions (color guard).

    The Coast Patrol instituted a new program called Project Lifesaver. It is designed to locate elderly persons with Alzheimer’s disease or others that may wander away and become lost because they are disoriented. At risk citizens are given an electronic bracelet that can be tracked with special equipment either from the ground or by air. Simultaneously, the Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team will be dispatched to aide in the search. Once a client signs up, they are issued the bracelet, a battery tester, and a battery.

    The cost is $300.00 a year and the client’s caretaker is responsible for checking the bracelet with the battery tester to insure it is working properly. Each month, an assigned patrol Deputy visits the client to replace the battery and update their profile. If you have any questions about this program or would like to sign up, please call the station at the number below.

    The Coastal Patrol Station
    1200 Aguajito Rd
    Monterey, CA 93940
    (831) 647-7702