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    On this page, you will find information for the Kern County Sheriff Department, Kern County Sheriff Substations and the areas they serve. The substations are divided by sections which include: The North Area Substation Section, The North East Area Substation Section, The East Area Substation Section and the South Area Substation, respectivley.

    If a friend, or family member has been arrested in Kern County area, they will likely be taken to the Central Receiving Facility for booking and processing. The facility is located at the Bakersfield Jail, which is run by the Kern Sheriff’s Department. After processing, defendants may be transferred to the Lerdo Jail, which houses pre-trial inmates.

    The Kern County Sheriff's Office is committed to work in partnership with the community to enhance the safety, security, and quality of life for the residents and visitors of Kern County through professional public safety services. I

    n addition to providing police services to the unincorporated portions of the county, the Sheriff has the responsibility for the jail system, providing bailiff and prisoner transportation service to the courts, search and rescue, coroner services, and civil process (serving lawsuit papers).

    Typically, each city has its own police department, however, smaller cities such as McFarland and Wasco contract with the Sheriff's Office to provide police protection within their community.

    The Kern County Sheriff's Office has 1,239 sworn and civilian employees. There are 572 authorized deputy sheriff positions deployed in patrol, substations, detectives, courts services, and special investigations units. There are 336 detention deputy positions deployed in the detention facilities, and 331 Sheriff's professional support staff assigned throughout Kern County.


    Buttonwillow Substation
    Phone: (661) 764-5613
    The Buttonwillow Substation provides law enforcement services to the residents and visitors to the northwestern portion of Kern County. This includes the townships and communities of Buttonwillow, Lost Hills, Belridge, Blackwell’s Corner, Keck’s Corner, Spicer City, Devil’s Den, and the unincorporated areas around the cities of Shafter, and Wasco. This area encompasses about 1500 square miles of farming, ranching, and oil industries.

    Delano Substation
    Phone: (661) 721-3800
    The Delano Substation investigates a variety of crimes. Most of the crimes involve agriculture, vehicle recoveries and theft of fuel and copper wire. The Delano Substation provides bailiffs and court security to the Delano/McFarland Branch of the Kern County Superior Court.

    Glennville Substation
    Phone: (661) 721-3800
    The Glennville Substation encompasses an area of 500 square miles and is staffed by a resident Senior Deputy Sheriff. The area is made up of national forests, large cattle ranches and oilfields. There are approximately 700 people living within the Glennville Substation area however, there are many that work in the oilfields or visit the National Forest for hunting, hiking and camping.

    McFarland City Substation
    Phone: (661) 792-2121

    Wasco Substation
    Phone: (661) 758-7266
    The current population of the City Of Wasco is over 25,000. The city encompases approximately 4 square miles and includes the Wasco State Prison. The Wasco Substation is under the command of the Substations Commander Francis Moore, North Area Lieutenant Curtis Cornelison and Wasco Substation Sergeant Bryan Armendariz. Current staffing is 2 Senior Deputies, 13 Deputies (including 1 Traffic Officer and 1 School Resource Officer), and 3 Office Services Technicians.


    Kern Valley Substation
    Phone: (760) 549-2100
    The Kern Valley Substation Area is made up of the Kern Valley, with Lake Isabella as the main attraction, the Greenhorn Mountains, the Piute Mountains, Havilah, which was the original county seat, portions of the Breckenridge Mountains, the upper Kern Canyon, and the South Fork Area of the Kern River. The area is diverse in that some of the oldest cattle ranches in Kern County are located here, along with the surrounding forests and the large tourist industry.

    Ridgecrest Substation

    Phone: (760) 384-5800
    The Ridgecrest Substation and Jail provides law enforcement services to the approximately 40,000 residents of Ridgecrest, China Lake Acres, Inyokern and Walkers Pass. Also included in the Ridgecrest Substation’s response area are the historic mining communities of Garlock, Randsburg, Johannesburg, and many isolated mining camps in the El Paso Mountains south of Inyokern.

    Walker Basin Substation

    Phone: 661-867-3006


    Mojave Substation
    Phone:(661) 824-7130
    The Mojave Substation covers approximately 1320 square miles, giving it one of the largest response areas of Kern County substations and covers mostly a desert terrain on the western side of a vast desert region, which extends into three states called the Mojave Desert. The substation provides law enforcement services to approximately 14,000 people. It serves the greater Mojave area, and the communities of Cantil, Fremont Valley, Boron, North Edwards, Aerial Acres, Desert Lake, and the Military complex at Edwards Air Force Base.

    Boron Substation
    Phone: (760) 762-6666

    Rosamond Substation
    Phone: (661) 256-9700
    The Rosamond Substation serves approximately 500 square miles. In 1987, after four years of absence, the Rosamond Substation was reopened on Diamond Street. In 1996 the substation was relocated to its current location on Sierra Highway.

    Tehachapi County Substation
    Office: (661) 823-6060

    The Tehachapi Sheriff Substation is administrated by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office and is part of the East Area substation section.

    Tehachapi City Substation
    Phone: (661) 822-2222


    Lamont Substation
    Phone: (661) 868-5751
    The Lamont Substation is responsible for providing law enforcement services to the residents and businesses located throughout this almost 500 sq. mile area. The Lamont Substation is also responsible for the security of the Kern County Superior Court-Arvin/Lamont Branch, which includes protection of judicial officers/court staff, the safety of court visitors and the security of inmates in the Court Holding Unit. The Lamont Substation also operates a Temporary Holding Facility at the complex.

    Frazier Park Substation
    Phone: (661) 245-3440
    The Frazier Park Substation serves the “mountain communities.” There are eight distinct communities within the service area: Frazier Park, Fort Tejon, Grapevine, Lake-of-the-Woods, Lebec, Los Padres Estates, Pine Mountain Club, and Pinon Pines. An estimate of the population is about 10,000.

    Taft Substation
    Phone: 763-8550
    The Taft Substation response area consists of 787 square miles. It borders Ventura, San Luis Obispo, and Santa Barbara Counties.  There are nine deputies, two detectives, a school resource deputy, and a bailiff assigned to the substation.  The Taft Substation is part of the South Area Division led by Commander Frances Moore and Lieutenant Steve Hansen.

    Rosedale Substation

    Phone: (661) 868-6434
    The Rosedale substation is staffed by one sergeant, one investigator, several deputies and one substation clerk. The Rosedale substation provides law enforcement services to the unincorporated communities bordering the northwest city limits of Bakersfield.

    Bail bond policies and procedures for being released from jail once a bond has been posted can vary. Once the bail bond is processed however, the defendant can usually be released in a few short hours.

    Jail staff cannot tell us in advance exactly when the inmate will be released, but once released, the defendant will have access to a phone.

    A bail bond in Kern County will generally cost 10% which is the mandated by California law. This is a non-refundable percentage of the total amount of the bail. For example, if the bail amount is $10,000, your portion will cost $1,000.

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    Kern County Sheriff's Department
    Phone: (661) 868-6850
    1415 Truxtun Ave.
    Bakersfield, CA 93301