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    Those needing bail bonds for the Hayward jail have come to the right place. As the 6th largest city in the San Francisco Bay area, Hayward ha its share of crime.

    We can quickly and efficiently handle Hayward as well as other locations in Alameda County. Our office technology allows us to post bail most anywhere in the entire state of California.

    Our knowledgeable bail bondsmen can quickly help you understand all of your bail options.

    Call 24x7 locally at 510-864-2245 for immediate Hayward bail bonds service. Or, toll-free, nationwide at 888-224-5266.

    Is money an issue for you? We take all major credit cards or perhaps a payment plan can be worked out for you. No collateral? It's likely that we won't need collateral, instead doing what is called a "signature bond", for your situation. Don't worry; your situation might not be as dreadful as you think. Either way our 24 hour agents are trained to look for creative options to help you.


    The Hayward jail facility is a Board of Corrections certified "Type I Jail" that houses approximately 40 inmates. This jail operates 24 hours a day.

    Upon arrival, arrestees are fingerprinted, photographed, scanned for warrants with the department of justice, relieved of their personal items (such as purses and jewelry) and taken to a holding cell. Arrestees may be give phone access to make outgoing calls (note that incoming calls are forbidden).

    At some point, the arrestee will have the opportunity to bail out. Bail is determined by the jail staff reviewing a "bail schedule" which is set annually by Alameda County judges. For example, if somebody is arrested for drug possession, the jail staff will go to the bail schedule to see the bail amount for that particular charge.

    Sometimes bail amounts at the Hayward jail can be enhanced because of extenuating circumstances (such as crimes involving injury or extreme violence).

    Inmates that are on probation or parole may have a "hold" put on their bail. If this happens, the inmates won't be able to bail out until the hold has been lifted. It could take several days for a hold to get lifted.

    There are times that the inmate will need to go to court for the judge to make a decision and in other cases a probation officer may need to be contacted and may authorize the lifting of a hold.

    If an inmate is not bailed out or otherwise released, there is a high probability that they will be transferred to the Oakland Jail (Glenn Dyer Detention Facility) or Dublin (Santa Rita Jail). Regardless of the situation, if you contact our bail bond company, we can help to explain the process.


    For a full list of the regulations and guidelines for inmate visits at the Hayward Jail please contact the jail directly, but here are some of the regulations to keep in mind if you intend to visit an inmate at the Hayward jail:

    • Visits must take place between 1:00PM and 5:00PM.
    • Children who visit must be with adults.
    • Visitors must have valid ID.
    • Visits are limited to 20 minutes.


    The majority of our bail clients have never had to utilize the services of a bail bond company. Understandably they are stressed or confused by the process. Our bail bondsmen for the Hayward jail are experienced at handling such situations and are able to ease client's anxieties while delivering quality service.

    We are available 24 hours a day to offer free advice and information in regards to your situation.

    Each bail bond situation is unique. Some clients are eligible for bail reduction. Some clients don't need a bond because they will ultimately be released without a bond (for example DUI defendants frequently are released without the need for a bail bond).


    Hayward Jail Information
    300 West Winton Ave.
    Hayward, CA 94544
    Jail Phone: (510) 293-7043

    Please call us at 510-864-2245 and let our qualified bondsman help you fully understand your Hayward bail options.