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    In Alameda County, arrestees are likely to be taken to the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, California.

    Most people who contact us for bail bonds at Santa Rita have never used a bail bondsman before. Typically, our customers had no idea they would ever be in such a situation.

    Our commitment to our customers is to help them through the bail bond process from start to finish.

    When you use our bail bond company, an arrestee can often be bailed out without the need to leave your home or office. With us, documents can be transferred via e-mail or fax. Payments can be transacted via credit card.

    The unique thing about Santa Rita Jail Bail Bonds is that defendants are usually released quickly relative to other jails in California of comparable size.

    From the time somebody is arrested in Alameda County, until the time they are released from the Santa Rita Jail can be as little as a few hours.

    Please call us and our 24 hour bondsman can provide information and get you started on release: 925-827-2245.


    Those arrested in Dublin and surrounding communities are often transferred to the Alameda County Santa Rita Detention Center, known as the Santa Rita Jail. Upon arriving, their personal items are taken from defendants and they are photographed, fingerprinted, and processed for warrants. Mental and physical diagnostics are conducted and decisions are made regarding the well being of the inmate.

    At some point, arrestees will be transferred to some type of holding cell. If bail gets posted, then the inmate will have their personal items returned and will be released.

    We advise our clients to be patient. Release from the Santa Rita Jail in Dublin, CA can take anywhere from 2-8 hours, which may seem long, but is actually abbreviated compared to other jails in California. Our bail bond company cannot control how quickly a jail inmate is released.

    The Santa Rita Jail is the 5th largest jail in the entire United States and is the primary holding facility for those detained in all of Alameda County. Even though bail can be posted anytime day or night, it's important to know that in general, the larger the jail, the longer it takes for an inmate to be released. Also, be aware that inmates will have limited access to phones for purposes of making outgoing calls. No incoming calls to the jail are allowed.

    Those wishing to send mail to an inmate at the (Santa Rita) Dublin, CA jail must follow strict guidelines. All mail must have the inmates name and personal file number (PFN). The mail must have the address of the sender on the exterior or the mailing. Note that all mail is subject to search (however mail that is coming from the defendant's legal counsel or other government entity will be opened in the presence of the inmate).

    If you choose to visit an inmate, you should be conscious of strict guidelines. You may want to contact the jail prior to your visit.


    When it comes to choosing a bail bondsman, you should choose carefully. Over the years, many scams have involved unlicensed agents, illegal solicitation and bail agents receiving money without performing or posting the bail bond.

    Make sure you choose a bail bondsman that is licensed in California and has been in business for a while. We hope you will choose our company, but we do recommend you do your research prior to choosing any legal professional.

    If you decline to bail somebody out, they often will remain in custody until the matter is resolved in court. Inmates are often transferred to court in handcuffs and jail jumpsuits. Most inmates find it difficult to make good legal choices in such a restrictive environment.

    If a defendant bails out of jail, they have a much better chance of making better decisions regarding their legal future.


    As a bail bond company, we cannot give legal advice. You will need to make your own decisions. The Alameda County Bar Association might be a starting point in your legal journey. The Alameda County Court has abundant information regarding the court system in Santa Rita.

    Not only is there an area where you can to pull up information regarding your case in Santa Rita in Alameda County, but you might also find the “Self Help Legal Services and Referrals For People Without Attorneys” to be of assistance to you.

    In short, we hope that you choose our company for your bail bond needs. We can help you at the Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County as well as most jails in California. Our 24 hour agents provide free information.

    We will give you straight talk. If our company can't assist you due to proximity, perhaps we can recommend an agent in your particular area.

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