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    1. Don't panic. We can get you through this quickly and easily.
    2. Where possible, gather information such as the bail amount, jail location and exact name of the defendant.
    3. Contact a bail bondsman that is licensed for California. Our phone number is 888-224-5266.
    4. The bondsman will guide you through the process by facilitating the simple paperwork, helping you to understand payment options, acting as a liaison with the jail, providing transportation for the defendant (as requested) and answering all questions. For this service, the bondsman will charge you a fee (usually the legal rate of 10% in California).
    5. Upon release of the defendant, the bondsman will be available to answer questions such as court location, court date and other general information.


    Perhaps one of the lowest points in anybody's life is the day they get arrested and land in jail.

    Whether you're in the South Bay and require bail bonds for Redondo Beach or a bail bond elsewhere in California, our company can help you during this time of need.

    Sometimes our clients are so embarrassed; they don't want to call a bail bondsman. They don't know what to ask or where to turn.

    Our professional caring agents will assist you during this difficult time. Call us at 310-275-6465.


    We advise our clients to be very careful what bail bond company they choose.

    Many bail companies operate from out-of-state or from other areas of California and may not be familiar with local bail issues.

    Most of the Redondo Beach bail bonds that we transact are for lesser crimes that may involve poor decisions from the defendant or may just be a mistaken arrest.

    For example, many of our bonds involve crimes such as DUI's, domestic violence, drug possession and similar types of crimes. As such, most of our bail bonds are conducted with individuals that represent no "flight-risk".

    As a result, we usually can provide bail services that require absolutely no collateral (also known as a signature bond).


    The Redondo Beach jail has a "pay-to-stay" program for those that have been sentenced by judges in Los Angeles County.

    Let's say, for example, you have been sentenced to 30 days by a judge somewhere in Los Angeles County.

    You may decide that you would rather not be housed at the main County jail in Downtown Los Angeles (since this is where many of the "hard core" criminals are housed).

    As an alternative, you may decide that you would rather be detained at a "laid back" jail like Redondo Beach. One of the benefits is that you will be housed in an area separate from the regular inmates.

    For the privileged of utilizing this service, you will be charged a fee of $198 per day (payable in advance).


    We hope that you give us a chance to help you with your Redondo Beach Bail Bond needs. We can easily service the entire South Bay.

    Additionally, we can provide service to other parts of Los Angeles County as well as Orange County.

    If you have bail needs in other areas of California, please call us and we can quickly determine if we have staff available in those areas.

    We can be contacted at 310-275-6465 or toll free at 888-224-5266.


    Redondo Beach Police Department / Jail
    401 Diamond St.
    Redondo Beach, CA 90277-2836
    Jail Phone: 310-318-0616
    Jail Manager: (310) 379-2477
    24 Hour Bail Bond Services: 310-275-6465

    The Redondo Beach Police Department and Jail is located at the NW corner of PCH and Diamond Street.