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    We have been helping families faced with unexpected situations for nearly 40 years. If someone you know has been arrested in San Luis Obispo, our team of bail experts can guide you through the bail process.

    They'll work quickly and efficiently, so your friend, family member or loved one won't have to spend any more time in the San Luis Obispo jail than they have to. Contact a licensed professional bondsman at 888 Bail Bond right away.

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    The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Department has a mission to protect life and property while providing safety, service and security to their community. They collectively reduce crime through community and law enforcement efforts which make neighborhoods safer and improve the quality of life for all of their citizens.  They make community outreach a top priority and offer web based programs, displays, DARE and special presentations which are focused on keeping their citizens informed.

    When someone has been arrested in San Luis Obispo County, there only has one jail which houses inmates for the entire county. This detention center can house approximately 525 prisoners. It's important to know that the San Luis Obispo jail will not release a defendant unless they have a ride to their destination.

    After arrest, the inmate will be booked and processed. This generally means photographs, fingerprints and a nation wide background check will be conducted. This process can take up to 4 hours to complete.   California Penal Code §851.5 establishes the right of a person in custody to make at least 3 free local phone calls upon being booked. These include, one to an attorney, one to a bail bondsman, and one to a family member, or friend. We can post a bail bond with this facility 24 hours a day.

    If you decide to visit an inmate, please follow the visitation guidelines carefully. All visitors must have valid I.D, and must arrive during correct business hours. All visitors must check in at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled visitation time. It is best to call the jail for all instructions prior to your visit.


    The SLO Sheriff’s Patrol Division is responsible for law enforcement in the unincorporated areas of San Luis Obispo County. Patrol personnel are deployed from three stations throughout the County. Deputies respond to calls for service, perform initial investigations of crime and conduct law enforcement activities.

    Coast Station
    The Coast Station patrols from Avila Beach to San Simeon and from the Los Padres mountain range to the Pacific Ocean.
    (805) 528-6083

    North Station
    The North Station patrols from the Cuesta Grade to Camp Roberts and from the Los Padres mountains to the eastern county line.
    (805) 434-4290

    South Station
    The South Station patrols all areas south of Avila Beach.
    (805) 473-7100


    The SLO Sheriff's Dispatch Center is responsible for communications and information between the public, law enforcement, paramedics, and fire. They receive calls for service from the public, then dispatch deputies, paramedics, and fire personnel.

    The SLO Sheriff’s Department also has a dedicated computer forensics lab facility, with trained personnel in online crime investigations and computer forensics. They also work closely with other agencies in the County to make these specialized capabilities available to their respective investigative units.

    The Department's Detective Division is responsible for the investigation of criminal activities which occur. This includes all misdemeanor and felony crimes from vandalism to homicide. The Detective Division has the responsibility to prepare criminal cases for review by the D.A.'s Office.

    Other units in the Department are the Bike Unit, Special Operations, Rural Crime Unit, Marine Enforcement Unit, Special Problems Unit, S.E.D (Sheriff's Special Enforcement Detail), Bomb Task Force, Coroner Unit, and Sexual Assault Unit which are all part of the San Luis Obispo Department's Field Operations Divisions & Units.


    Should you choose to use the services of a bail bond company, the cost of the bail bond will be 10% of the total set bail amount. This is the mandated law set forth by the California Department of Insurance. For example, if the bail is $25,000, your cost would be $2,500.

    This cost for the bond is non-refundable.  The fee you pay the bail bondsman at the time of purchase is earned once the bond is posted with the jail and the defendant has been released from custody.

    With our company, there are never any hidden fees, interest or taxes. We realize that setting up a payment plan for the bond can be easier on your families budget; which is why we also offer flexible bail payment arrangements to those who qualify. Contact one of our agents for further information.

    You don't have to leave the comfort of home to get the bail bond moving forward.  A licensed bail bondsman can also meet with you in person if you prefer. Let us help you through this time with comfort and ease.

    At bail bonds, we take pride in the excellent service we have been providing our clients all these years. See why choosing the right bail company can make such a big difference. We're available to you 24 hours a day.

    Bail amounts are set by San Luis Obispo County judges and are reviewed each year. We have provided a copy of the San Luis Obispo bail schedule for your convenience.

    For more information about bail bonds, read our informative bail FAQ's.

    San Luis Obispo Sheriff's Department
    1585 Kansas Avenue
    San Luis Obispo, CA 93405
    General Information (805) 781-4550
    Inmate Information (805) 781-4600